Our Mission...

To provide graduates with critical thinking, problem solving and ingenious skills to perform in the changing environment;
To execute and promote relevant and impactful Pure & Applied Physics research in the Caribbean Region.


Our Aims & Objectives...

  1. To ensure that the inquiry into nature and natural laws translate to the student population through thorough and rigorous teaching methods.
  2. To offer pure and applied Physics courses packaged under the restructured majors, minors.
  3. To improve the hand-on experiences of students through many initiatives including inter alia the Astronomical observatory on the Natural Sciences building rooftop.
  4. To ensure that the students accepted to read for degrees within the department possess the minimum pre-requisites at the CAPE and CXC levels.
  5. To guarantee a renowned level of Physics education that is of exceptional quality via excellence in teaching and research activities.
  6. To seek out and optimize on advancements in technology in the field and integrate in teaching delivery.
  7. To encourage and establish research activities and endeavours.
  8. To contribute to the quality of graduate who is well rounded, and capable of exceeding employment quality expectations and poised to contribute to bodies of research on an international level.
  9. To ensure the engagement and empowerment of ATS and Academic Staff within the department as one means of contributing to the student centred experience of the student population.
  10. To provide the necessary transition of students from secondary school to university education in Physics, taking into consideration recent changes to the CAPE Physics Syllabus.
  11. To provide a Physics education of the highest quality (teaching, laboratory, exercises, tutorials and other exercises) in spite of the difficulties of the local environment.
  12. Via excellent teaching, to enhance the reputation of the Department thereby attracting students of the highest quality to read for accredited degrees.
  13. To enable the department to exploit fully new technologies in teaching and learning.
  14. To develop among out students the culture of independent teaching and learning.
  15. To enable research in the department to impact on teaching.
  16. To ensure that our graduates are “current” flexible and well poised to meet the challenges of the regional and global market.
  17. To ensure that all stakeholders are serviced by empowered, knowledgeable and interpersonally pleasant staff members.
  18. To encourage and support research initiatives at the academic, postgraduate, undergraduate and administrative and technical levels.
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