The Environmental Physics Minor is designed for students interested in applying the physical principles to study the Earth’s Environment. Environmental Physics contributes to the understanding of global climate change, the earth materials & processes, physical aspects of the oceans and the design & application of more efficient energy generation methods.  Students must complete five (5) courses to satisfy this minor. It offers a choice of four (4) options; five of which explore the concepts of Meteorology and Climatology, Solid Earth Geophysics, Principles of Physical Oceanography & Geohydrology, Earth Science and Fundamentals of Renewable Energy and a compulsory Environmental Physics Laboratory course which addresses the practical component of all topic areas covered.


Minor in Envoronmental Physics


  Year 1 Year 2/3 Total
Minor in Environmental Physics​ courses 3 Core Advanced Credits 3
Additional Advanced Courses 12 Additional Credits  12
Total 15

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