The Medical Physics & Bio-Engineering Minor focuses on the application of physics to the needs of medicine and encompasses the following five (5) courses; Introduction to Medical Physics, Bioengineering, Radiation Biophysics & Medicine, Medical Instrumentation and the inclusion of the Medical Physics Laboratory course. Students will be introduced to the medical applications of physics and the use of biomechanical models to aid in the understanding of the physics of the human system. They will also become familiar with the techniques and processes used by medical devices & instruments to create images of the human body (or parts thereof) for clinical purposes. The laboratory course exposes students to a variety of techniques, concepts and skills in medical diagnostics and treatment.


Minor in Medical Physics & Bioengineering


  Year 1 Year 2/3 Total
Minor in Medical Physics & Bioengineering​ courses 9 Core Advanced Credits 9
Additional Advanced Courses 6 Additional Credits  6
Total 15

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