The MSc in Renewable Energy Technology provides new graduates and those working in various sectors of the economy with required professional training and education and open possibilities for further study and research.

The MSc Renewable Energy Technology is in line with other International programmes, such as the University of Loughborough Renewable Energy Systems Technology MSc., the MSc Renewable Energy programme at University of Flensburg, Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, and other universities.


Aim  & Motivation

Our aim is providing expertise to persons working in industry who due to time constraints or financial reasons cannot enrol in the MSc Renewable Energy Technology programme. The selection of courses offered for special admission are intended to meet the needs of a broad range of professionals whose occupations are related to science and energy, and sustainable development such as persons from T&TEC, MEEI and other similar energy related industries. Included will be natural scientists, engineers and technical-related professionals, as well as those from the social sciences such as administrators. We endeavour for these courses to appeal to persons from the following sectors:

  • Recent graduates seeking to upgrade their qualifications for work in an energy-related field
  • Workers in any field seeking to retool or upgrade their skills and qualifications
  • Managers in any field seeking to implement aspects of renewable energy in their environment.



Including Research Project

  • FULL TIME: 3 semesters
  • PART TIME: 6 semesters
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