COURSE CODE & TITLE COCR 1047: Defensive Driving Simulation
LEVEL: One (1)



Defensive Driving Simulation is a practical course that instructs drivers in the techniques, skills and attitude required to safely operate a vehicle. Hands-on practice using a mobile, high fidelity, virtual reality simulator supplements theoretical instruction. The thirteen (13) hour mixed practical exercises and simulation provide a realistic learning experience that
places participants in dangerous situations without actually putting them in danger. The simulation demonstrates the dangers of the inability to recognize visual cues and hazards, which could lead to collisions and/or fatalities. Additionally, simulation allows students to practice defensive driving. Assessment takes the form of both theory and practical simulation



One of the most dangerous tasks in an individual’s daily routine is driving from point A to point B. Our future leaders typically attain a driver’s license in their late teens or early 20s.
Unfortunately, there seems to be lack awareness of the need for driver education and, as a result, drivers are taught how to operate a vehicle rather than the attitudes and behaviours of a safe driver. This course fills that gap by introducing students to safe and defensive driving.



The aim of this course is to utilise knowledge transfer knowledge and the inculcation of requisite skills paramount for safe driving in order to instil proper driver attitudes and behaviours.



Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to safely and cooperatively navigate real-world driving scenarios.
  2. Discuss the factors that impact road and driver safety, such as safe driving techniques, adverse road conditions, emergency procedures and threats and hazards.
  3. Demonstrate how the DriveWise 6 Star Approach can prevent incidents, injuries and collisions.
  4. Display proactive and correct driver attitudes, behaviours and techniques.
  5. Justify why positive driver behaviours and attitudes are vital to reducing the probability of road incidents.
  6. Assess the impact of human factors, perceptions, human performance and limitations on driving and road safety.
  7. Evaluate the correlation between eco driving techniques and financial and environmental benefits


Assessment & Evaluation

Component Grade Description
In-Class Written Test 1 25% One mixed-test of objective and subjective items (30 minutes).
In-Class Written Test 2 25% One mixed-test of objective and subjective items (30 minutes).
Simulation Evaluation 50% Eight one (1) hour sessions on a driving simulator encountering
various road situations.




Teaching Strategies

Method Description
Interactive Lectures Instructor-led lecture sessions with discussion involving structured and
open questioning
Prior Knowledge Assessment Quizzes DriveWise employs the use of an Anonymous Audience Response
System. Students use a clicker system to respond to posted questions.
This system will be used for prior knowledge checks.
Cooperative Learning Students will engage in peer group interactions.
Simulation Labs Students will use driving simulators to experience real-world driving
Six Star Learning Tools Six Star Approach Worksheet and Six Star Application Problem
Sheets with real-world scenario


Readings / Learning Resources

Required/Essential - The DriveWise University of the West Indies Advanced Defensive Driving Manual

Recommended      - None

Other:                  - None


Topic or Unit Objectives

  1. Rules of the Road
    Traffic Laws
    Traffic Control Devices
  2. Introduction to Safe Driving, DriveWise’s 6 Star Approach
  3. Distracted Driving
    Navigating Intersections
    Situational Awareness
  4. Emergency Manoeuvres
    Space & Speed Management
  5. Adverse Conditions
    Vehicle Maintenance
    Eco Driving
  6. Introduction to Safe Driving, DriveWise’s 6 Star Approach Part 1
  7. Introduction to Safe Driving, DriveWise’s 6 Star Approach Part 2
  8. Distracted Driving
    Navigating Intersections
    Situational Awareness
  9. Emergency Manoeuvres
  10. Space & Speed Management
  11. Adverse Conditions
  12. Eco Driving
  13. Advanced 6 Star Approach



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Drivewise Trinidad Limited
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