COURSE CODE & TITLE COCR 1013: Financial Literacy and Training
NO. OF CREDITS: Three (3)
LEVEL: One (1)



The Financial Literacy and Training Course is a comprehensive financial education curriculum designed to enhance students’ financial skills as well as train them to be financial educators to low- and moderate- income individuals and families outside the financial mainstream. There is a need for university students as well as citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to effectively plan ahead, monitor and be responsible in their spending. This course is geared towards educating and training UWI students, equipping them with the knowledge and tools in order to manage their own finances as well teach others how to do the same. 

In the Financial Literacy and Training Course students will participate in several workshops covering the array of content regarding budgeting, saving, investing, retirement and much more. Additionally, students will be taught the necessary skills in order to effectively communicate and present the course material to others.

Attendance at workshops/lectures/seminars is for a total of 36 contact hours.



At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain money scripts, goal setting, budgeting.
  • Understand the importance of saving, investing and debt management.
  • Understand the principles of Entrepreneurship, planning for retirement and home ownership.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations on the subject matter.



Name of course coordinator:

Ms. Christine Sahadeo

Email address:  

Preferred method of contact:


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