Co-Curricular Credits Guidelines

  1. Co-curricular credits are optional.
  2. Students are eligible for Co-curricular credits at any time during the degree programme.
  3. Co-curricular credits can replace a level one course. Each student is eligible for no more than six Co-curricular credits towards his/her degree programme.
  4. Co-curricular credits shall normally form part of the required credits for a degree. However, if Co-curricular credits are pursued in excess of those required for the degree students must apply for an override from their Faculty.
  5. Extra Credits, which are credits earned in excess of those required for the degree, and the associated course, will be included on the student’s transcript.
  6. Extra credits are not covered by GATE.
  7. Upon Graduation a special Cocurricular Certificate will be provided to students for all Cocurricular courses which they have pursued and passed.
  8. Co-curricular courses are equivalent to a Level 1 semester course and are NOT used in the calculation of your weighted Grade Point Average (GPA).
  9. The grading of Co-curricular activity shall be PASS/FAIL only.
  10. Co-curricular credits cannot replace core course requirements in any faculty.
  11. The registration and withdrawal process for a student registered for a Co-curricular course is the same as that for any other course.
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