COURSE CODE & TITLE COCR 1012: Workplace Protocol for Students
NO. OF CREDITS: Three (3)
LEVEL: One (1)


This is a professional self-development course offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, which aims to provide the "behavioural competencies" that would enable students to close the gap between the social/workplace skills that they may not have, and those that are required for success and prominence in today's global organizations. The course supplements the pure academic curriculum to create a well-rounded graduate.


Upon completion of the “Workplace Protocol for Students” Course, you will be able to exhibit the confidence, diplomacy, courtesy and poise that undoubtedly contribute to a strong professional presence.


Specifically, you will be able to: 
  • Identify individual personality traits
  • Effectively integrate in the workplace
  • Successfully confront personal and professional challenges
  • Engage in appropriate business/social conduct
  • Determine what constitutes right behaviour in a given situation
  • Enhance your personal position independently or within the organization
  • Set realistic goals to help you reach your full potential in life
  • Achieve personal competitive advantage


“Impression Management Series”
  1. Fabulous First impressions – The Art of Self Presentation
  2. Communication Savvy – interpersonal Skills
  3. Dressing the Part – Appearance & Grooming
“Customer Management Series”
  1. Telephone Image – Phone Etiquette Techniques
  2. Creating Customer Champions – Service Excellence
“Self Management Series”
  1. The Power of Personal Productivity – Success Skills
  2. “I am…We are” – Understanding Self & Others
  3. Money Management – Controlling Personal Finances
“Social Management Series”
  1. Manners Matter - Corporate & Social Etiquette
  2. Diplomatic Protocol
  3. Ambassador Skills
  4. Dining Decorum


Course Methodology

Delivery will be through a mix of any of the following: High-impact Half-day Workshops, Role Plays, Individual and Group Exercises, Experimental Activities, DVDs, On-line Resources and/or Guest Presenters. The course may also include visits to Port of Spain Landmarks, the National Museum, and other Places of Interest. 


Course Duration Schedule

Eleven 3-hour sessions


Student Assessment

Students will be evaluated via the following:

  1. Class Participation & Attendance                         10%
  2. Student Goal Planning/Experience Report           10%
  3. Goal Achievement Oral Presentation                    40%
  4. Final Exam (group take home)                              40%




Ms. Lisa McDonald

Faculty of Social Sciences - Dean's Office
Tel/ext. (868)-662-2002 ext. 83850

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