COURSE CODE & TITLE COCR 1030: Technology Literacy
NO. OF CREDITS: Three (3)
LEVEL: One (1)



Technology Literacy will serve as the introductory course to the IT Academy's existing Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) courses for students who struggle for lack of computer skills. This course aims to equip students who are uncomfortable with technology with the requisite skills and practice necessary to utilize UWI's student systems effectively, perform basic functions on a computer and feel more comfortable with technology in everyday life. Courses will be run each semester over 36 hours and will be available to all Undergraduate students.

This course seeks to orient these students into a technology environment and to allay their technology discomforts. The transition into the UWI technology environment can be overwhelming to some of the new students; they must effectively use systems such as Banner Student System, CELCAT Timetabling Software and myeLearning. Although this course does not train users in the specific systems, by equipping those students in need with foundation technology literacy skills, navigating these systems can become easier.



In-course assessments represent 100% of the marks.



Name: Ms. Geeta Kissoon
Office address: Microsoft IT Academy, Campus Information Technology Services
Telephone: (868)-662-2002 ext.82440
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