COURSE CODE & TITLE COCR 1036 Ethics and Integrity: Building Moral Competencies
NO. OF CREDITS: Three (3)
LEVEL: One (1)



This co-curricular course is geared at infusing professional competence and personal integrity through the practice of ethical principles and moral virtues so that one would value the importance of doing the right thing. Principles and virtues are the two sides of the same coin that form the basis for sound ethical decision-making and excellent performance.

There will be one 3-hour class per week for 13 weeks and students are expected to complete at least 1 hour assigned reading. Also, students are required to prepare a weekly journal submission on reflective and self-directed learning. Students must be prepared to articulate views in the classroom.



Name of instructor(s):  Professor Surendra Arjoon

Office address and phone: Room 215, Department of Management Studies, FSS

Email address:

Office hours: To Be Advised


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