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This course is designed to give First Aiders the knowledge, critical skills and techniques in responding confidently and efficiently when managing emergency situations in the first few minutes until emergency medical responders arrive.
Students will learn the basics of First Aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillation (AED), all of which is essential for survival in emergency situations.

This course consists of twenty four (24) contact hours that can be completed all at once or in portions, at the participants’ convenience within the duration of a given semester. The course consists of video presentations, classroom discussion and practical hands on training.

Topics include: Components of First Aid, Assessment, and Medical Emergencies, Wounds and Bleeding, Environmental Emergencies, Introduction to Skeletal System, Limb Emergencies, Head and Spinal Emergencies, Introduction to Respiratory System, Introduction to Circulatory System. 



The need for this programme has become evident to HSU since we are the only healthcare facility providing medical services for the entire campus community as well as its visitors. Statistically, we offer essential primary healthcare to an immense population of well over 15,000 students, in addition to approximately 2000 employees who can seek medical attention in situations where persons may sustain an injury on the job or if there is an occurrence of a job related emergency.

In summary, it has been established that there is a dire need for supplemental lifesaving skilled personnel on the UWI St. Augustine Campus.


General Objectives

This course would equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist in emergencies which will allow the delivery of initial assessment and appropriate intervention in the absence of a professional healthcare provider.

  • Foster caring and co-operation amongst their peers in the campus community.
  • Realize the importance of First Aid
  • Understand the roles, responsibilities and limitations of the First Aider
  • Identify and assess emergency situations
  • Observe all safety protocols
  • Prioritize care when assisting the sick/injured person
  • Display confidence and assertiveness when assisting in emergencies.
  • Apply theory into practical skills, efficiently and effectively
  • Recognize the needs of an unresponsive person, assess the need for and perform effective Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) until trained medical personnel arrives. 


Assessment & Evaluation

Component Grade Description
Practical Training 30% The ability to demonstrate knowledge into practical skills. A large component of this is the student's ability to apply what was learnt during the course.
Practical Assessment 70% Practical examination. The student is issued a 2-year certification card and certificate.


Teaching Strategies

Method Description
Oral Presentation Discussions, lectures and video presentations identifying the importance of First Aid, emergency situations and the benefits and the risks associated with CPR and AED.
Practicals A Series of practical exercises demonstrating learnt coursework.


Readings / Learning Resources

Required/Essential - Student Workbook

Recommended      - Heartsaver FIRST AID CPR AED - American Heart Association

Other:                  - Manikins – Adult, Child and Infant, Face Mask, Practi Valve, Splints-  
                  Various sizes, Glove- various sizes, Crepe Bandage and Gauze,
                              Epinephrine pen, Tourniquet, Windlass, First Aid kit, Stationery.


Topic or Unit Objectives

  1. First Aid Basics
  2. Assessment - Safety, Assessment of Patient, Consent, Safety to
  3. Self, Priority
  4. Medical Emergencies
  5. Introduction to Skeletal System
  6. Injury Emergencies
  7. Wounds and Bleeding
  8. Environmental Emergencies
  9. Introduction to Respiratory System, Introduction to
  10. Circulatory System
  11. Practical Training and Assessment
  12. Session 1
  13. Practical Assessment and  Training   Session 2
  14. Practical Training and Assessment
  15. Session 3



Mrs. Shobha Maharaj-Dookie 
Mrs. Sabrina Hosein-Ali
Health Services Unit
Tel/ext: (868)-662-2002 ext.82152

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