Why should I register for Co-Curricular Credits?

Enrolling in Co-Curricular courses is beneficial for anyone seeking personal and professional development. These courses are designed to enhance essential skills and provide practical experiences, valuable in any context - whether you're pursuing academic studies or focusing solely on personal growth.

Who is eligible for Co-Curricular credits?

We are pleased to announce that this opportunity is open not only to our undergraduate students but also to graduate students, staff, and students from outside The University of the West Indies who have been granted special admission. This expansion allows a broader community to benefit from our diverse course offerings and enhances the learning experience for all participants.

What is a Co-Curricular course?

For UWI students, Co-Curricular courses provide an opportunity to earn credits alongside or as an alternative to traditional elective courses. These courses, while optional, offer a diverse range of learning experiences.  Co-Curricular courses cannot replace core course requirements.

For staff and non-UWI students, Co-Curricular courses are tailored to foster lifelong learning and personal development. They offer a chance to expand knowledge and skills in areas of specific interest, enhancing both personal and professional growth.

When can I register for Co-Curricular courses?

Registration for Co-Curricular courses is open in any semester when they are offered. Visit the Co-Curricular website to view the current course offerings available for students and specially admitted individuals.

Who are the Co-Curricular coordinators?                                                                                                                                                                         

Co-Curricular coordinators are dedicated faculty members who serve as COCR champions within their respective faculties. They are your go-to resource for any information related to Co-Curricular activities, including course details, registration processes, and guidance on applying for overrides in case of restrictions.  Click on this link for the names of the Faculty COCR coordinators for the Academic Year 2023/2024. https://sta.uwi.edu/cocurricular/faculty-coordinators

Can students who have completed their degree requirements but not officially awarded their degree, register for COCR courses?

No, students graduating in the semester, prior to the current one are not eligible to register for COCR courses but may consider doing any of the Microsoft Office exams as a private individual through the MSIT Academy.

Who is my COCR Guild representative?

The COCR Guild Representative is Josef Paty. He's the Evening and Part-time Guild Rep. and can be contacted using: Tel: (868) 284 2795 E-mail: guildeptrep@my.uwi.edu

Do Co-Curricular courses count towards my GPA?

No. Co-Curricular courses are NOT used in the calculation of your weighted Grade Point Average (GPA).

How do I get recognition for Co-Curricular courses?

Co-Curricular credits should normally form part of the required credits for your degree (i.e. they should replace a Level 1 semester course). However, if your degree structure does not allow for this type of substitution, you can still complete the Co-Curricular course and it will appear on your final transcript.

Would I receive a Co-Curricular Certificate?

Yes, you will receive a Co-Curricular Certificate. All students who complete Microsoft Courses will also receive Microsoft International Certification in addition to the Co-curricular Certificates and First AID/CPR international certificates for students who pursue the First AID/CPR course.

For UWI students: Along with the credits recorded on your transcripts, you will be awarded a Co-Curricular Certificate upon completing your University tenure. This certificate encompasses all Co-Curricular courses you have successfully completed by the time of graduation. You will receive an email inquiring if you wish to collect this certificate.

For staff and other specially-admitted students: You will be awarded a Co-Curricular Certificate for each Co-Curricular course that you successfully complete, issued at the end of each semester.

Would I get recognition for Co-Curricular courses that exceed three-credits?

Yes. They will be noted on your transcript.

What are the Co-Curricular courses offered to undergraduate and graduate students at the St. Augustine Campus?

For UWI students: At the St. Augustine Campus, the following courses are offered to undergraduate and graduate students in the Co-Curricular Programme.  In different semesters the courses offered will depend on the number of students who register for the course (courses with less than 15 students enrolled in any semester will not be offered):

COCR 1000: Study Skills

COCR 1012: Workplace Protocols for Students

COCR 1013: Financial Literacy and Training

COCR 1030: Technology Literacy

COCR 1033: Mind the Gap: Towards Psychological Health & Wellness

COCR 1034: Public Speaking and Voice Training: Finding a More Confident You

COCR 1036: Ethics and Integrity: Building Moral Competencies

COCR 1039: First Aid, CPR, AED

COCR 1040: Microsoft Office Access 2016

COCR 1046: Meditation for Holistic Health

COCR 1047: Defensive Driving Simulation

COCR 1048: Microsoft Excel Expert 2019

COCR 1049: Introduction to the Microsoft 365 Productivity Cloud

COCR 1050: The Basics of Steel Pan

COCR 1051: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Steps

COCR 1052: Introduction to Sign Language

COCR 1056-1058: Microsoft Office 2019 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

COCR 1060: Learn to Collaborate in Microsoft 365

For students who have been specially admitted, a specific selection of courses will be available each semester. To view the courses being offered, please visit the Co-Curricular website.

How much time will Co-Curricular courses take?

You will be awarded one, two or three credits depending on which Co-Curricular course you choose and successfully complete. Three credit courses will require as much time from you as your traditional three credit courses. One credit courses will take one-third (1/3) of that time, and two credits two-thirds (2/3). Credit weightings and descriptions can be found when you click on the link for each Co-Curricular course on the Quick Links - https://sta.uwi.edu/cocurricular/cocr-registration.  You can also see the course weightings at a glance when you click on this link for the TimeTable.  Consider this and your academic course load in choosing your Co-Curricular courses.

Am I eligible for Co-Curricular credits?

All students, regardless of level, can register for a maximum of six (6) Co-Curricular credits (which is equivalent to a Level 1 semester course and is NOT used in the calculation of your weighted Grade Point Average (GPA).

What if I cannot fit Co-Curricular credits into my degree structure?

Co-Curricular credits should normally form part of the required credits for your degree (i.e. they should replace a Level 1 semester course). However, if your degree structure does not allow for this type of substitution, the Co-Curricular activity will appear on your final transcript.

Would I get recognition for Co-Curricular activities that exceed six credits?

Any additional Co-Curricular activities in excess of the six credits will be considered as NOT FOR CREDIT (NFC) and would be noted on your transcript.

How are Co-Curricular activities graded?

Co-Curricular courses are graded as “PASS” or “FAIL” and are reflected on your transcript as PASS (P) or NOT PASS (NP).

Exactly how will I be assessed?

Each Co-Curricular activity has its methods of assessment/evaluation clearly outlined. You will be assessed based on these criteria. You should note that you are required to be involved in the Co-Curricular activity for at least one semester. There will be continuous assessment of your performance during this period.

How do I register for Co-Curricular activity?

For UWI Students:

Registration for a Co-curricular course is the same as registering for any of your academic programmes.

  1. Decide which course you want to take.

  2. Click here for COCR timetable to see which class times would be most appropriate for you.

  3. Register online by going to http://my.uwi.edu.  Select your campus and login using your 8-digit or 9-digit student registration ID number and password. 

  4. Click on MySecureArea and register for your courses.

Download our Banner Student User Manual if you need further guidance on Registering Online.


If you exceed your credit limit you must request an override from your faculty.

For Specially-admitted students

1.    Decide which course you want to take.  Check the Co-Curricular website for up-to-date information.

2.    Check the COCR timetable to see which class times would be most appropriate for you.

3.    Apply to UWI by filling out this form with personal information and the selected course(s).

4.   You will receive a confirmation letter with your ID number inviting you to register for the course(s) and providing you with cost and payment information.

5.   Click on MySecureArea and register for your courses.  For further guidance on Registering Online download our Banner Student User Manual.



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