About the Journal

The Caribbean has always been at the mercy of the publishing world. It does not possess a critical mass of buyers that appeals to the contemporary publisher. It represents the exotica of small, far flung isles in the imagination of the larger world, simply there for sun, sand and other invented touristic pleasures. How Caribbean peoples and scholars have self-reflexively understood the visceral space is largely unimportant other than as a temporary diversion if the political or ecological event is considered sufficiently unique to deserve attention. Thus, what Caribbean scholars may have to say about this precociously settled space, valuable to the evolution of a new world culture, remains on the margins of the women and gender studies publishing world. This is despite the fact that for over two decades now, there has been serious scholarship related to equally serious activism in this area of work.

This Open Access Online Journal entitled, The Caribbean Review of Gender Studies, is intended to offer a forum both to persons already recognized in the field, as well as to new scholars, to present work which is easily accessible and available to our students and to readers as far and as wide as the web can take it. These works should capture the realities and contradictions of what is constituted as Caribbean, whether it is generated within or outside of the geographical region. For new scholars who seek to re-chart the terrain, the journal welcomes scholarship and creative work done within the framework of feminist and gender theorizing that is for and about the Caribbean.

With no compromise in international standards of peer review, the journal boasts an Editorial Board, an Advisory Board and a Review Team which is drawn from reputable academic institutions regionally and worldwide.

CRGS achieved International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) accreditation in 2015.
ISNN 1995-1108, ISSN-L 1995-1108