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Issue 12 - Dec 2018
Gender and Anti-colonialism in the Interwar Caribbean

Editors: Reena Goldthree and Natanya Duncan



Issue 11 - Dec 2017
Tool or Weapon? The Politics of Policy Making, Gender Justice and Social Change in the Caribbean

Editors: Michelle V. Rowley and Deborah McFee



Issue 10 - Dec 2016
IGDS Gold: Advancing Caribbean Feminist Scholarship

Editors: Delea Bean and Raquel Sukhu


issue 9 cover

Issue 9 - Sept 2015
Gender Perspectives in
Education: Caribbean Impact,
Global Reach; Professor Elsa
Leo-Rhynie's work and legacy
Editors: Leith Dunn and
Barbara Bailey


issue 8 cover

Issue 8 - December 2014

Fragility and Persistence of

Dominant Masculinities

Editor: Wesley Crichlow,
Halimah DeShong and
Linden Lewis


issue 7 cover

Issue 7 - December 2013

Caribbean Feminist Research Methods for Gender and
Sexuality Studies
Editors: Kamala Kempadoo, Halimah A. F. DeShong and Charmaine Crawford


issue 6 cover

Issue 6 - December 2012

Indo-Caribbean Feminisms:

Charting Crossings in

Geography, Discourse,

and Politics

Editors: Gabrielle Hosein
and Lisa Outar

Issue 5 cover

Issue 5 - July 2011

Cathexis, Catharsis, and the Challenge to Contemporary Caribbean Feminist Theorizing

Editor: Jeanne Roach-Baptiste

issue 4 cover

Issue 4 - February 2010

The Culture of Violence in Trinidad and Tobago

Editors: Valerie Youssef
and Paula Morgan

issue 3 cover

Issue 3 - November 2009

Sexual Desires, Rights

and Regulation

Editor: Andil Gosine

issue 2 cover

Issue 2 - September 2008

Gender, Biopolitics and Caribbean Feminisms: Blending Flesh with Beloved Clay

Editor: Gabrielle Hosein

issue 1 cover

Issue 1 - April 2007

Introducing the Caribbean

Review of Gender Studies

Editor: Patricia Mohammed




Working Paper Series Archive

Joan M. Rawlins, Midlife and Older Women in Jamaica: Coping with Family Life and Work Situations


Victoria Pasley, Black Power, Gender Ideology, Cultural Change and the Beginnings of Feminist Discourse in Urban Trinidad in the 1970’s


Cheryl Lans and Niels Roling, Feminist Methods: Women, Traditional Health Knowledge and Ethnoveterinary Knowledge


Mindie Lazarus-Black, Law and the Politics of Inclusion: Women's Experiences in Antigua


Paula Morgan, "Like Bush Fire in My Arms": Interrogating the World of Caribbean Romance


Maarit Laitinen, Aspects of Gender in the Spiritual Baptist Religion in Tobago: Notes from the Field


Mindie Lazarus-Black, The Rite of Domination: Tales From the Domesitc Violence Court


Stephanie Seguino, Why are Women in the Caribbean so much more likely than Men to be Unemployed