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Issue 13 - June 2019
African-Caribbean Women: Migration, Diaspora, Post-diaspora


Leith Dunn and Suzanne Scafe



Issue 12 - Dec 2018
Gender and Anti-colonialism in the Interwar Caribbean

Editors: Reena Goldthree and Natanya Duncan



Issue 11 - Dec 2017
Tool or Weapon? The Politics of Policy Making, Gender Justice and Social Change in the Caribbean

Editors: Michelle V. Rowley and Deborah McFee



Issue 10 - Dec 2016
IGDS Gold: Advancing Caribbean Feminist Scholarship

Editors: Delea Bean and Raquel Sukhu


issue 9 cover

Issue 9 - Sept 2015
Gender Perspectives in
Education: Caribbean Impact,
Global Reach; Professor Elsa
Leo-Rhynie's work and legacy
Editors: Leith Dunn and
Barbara Bailey


issue 8 cover

Issue 8 - December 2014

Fragility and Persistence of

Dominant Masculinities

Editor: Wesley Crichlow,
Halimah DeShong and
Linden Lewis


issue 7 cover

Issue 7 - December 2013

Caribbean Feminist Research Methods for Gender and
Sexuality Studies
Editors: Kamala Kempadoo, Halimah A. F. DeShong and Charmaine Crawford


issue 6 cover

Issue 6 - December 2012

Indo-Caribbean Feminisms:

Charting Crossings in

Geography, Discourse,

and Politics

Editors: Gabrielle Hosein
and Lisa Outar

Issue 5 cover

Issue 5 - July 2011

Cathexis, Catharsis, and the Challenge to Contemporary Caribbean Feminist Theorizing

Editor: Jeanne Roach-Baptiste

issue 4 cover

Issue 4 - February 2010

The Culture of Violence in Trinidad and Tobago

Editors: Valerie Youssef
and Paula Morgan

issue 3 cover

Issue 3 - November 2009

Sexual Desires, Rights

and Regulation

Editor: Andil Gosine

issue 2 cover

Issue 2 - September 2008

Gender, Biopolitics and Caribbean Feminisms: Blending Flesh with Beloved Clay

Editor: Gabrielle Hosein

issue 1 cover

Issue 1 - April 2007

Introducing the Caribbean

Review of Gender Studies

Editor: Patricia Mohammed