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Tool or Weapon? The Politics of Policy Making, Gender Justice and Social Change in the Caribbean

Editors: Michelle V. Rowley and Deborah McFee

December 2017 | Flyer


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1-14 Tool or Weapon? The Politics of Policy Making, Gender Justice and Social Change in the Caribbean Michelle V. Rowley and Deborah McFee


Peer Reviewed Essays

15-52 How can the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Transform the Economic Empowerment of Women in the Caribbean Subregion? Sheila Stuart

53-82 Reflections on American Philanthropy in the Caribbean and the Influential Role of Caribbean Women Patricia Rosenfield

83-110 Women/Gender and Development in Trinidad and Tobago and Post-genocide Rwanda: Complicating human security, carving out a national gender policy response for rape as a crime against humanity Deborah McFee

111-140 Should we Still Hope? Gender Policy, Social Justice, and Affect in the Caribbean Michelle V. Rowley

141-180 Silence, Invisibility and Social Policy: Putting the Pieces Together with HIV Positive Youth Tracie Rogers

181-218 Legitimizing Virtual Constituencies: How CSOs are using digital technologies to enlarge the space for citizen participation in women and gender issues in the Caribbean Simone Leid


Gender Dialogues

229-240 Enduring Sexed and Gendered Criminal Laws in the Anglophone Caribbean Tracy Robinson and Arif Bulkan

241-252 Rethinking Gender Mainstreaming in Development Policy and Practice Jane Parpart and Deborah McFee

253-264 Intersectionality and imagery in the Caribbean context Dominique Hunter


265-268 Nineteen Eighties Hymns Amilcar Sanatan
For the IMF and IBRD and Ministers of Finance



269-322 Caribbean Feminist Disruptions of International Public Policy, Human Security and the ATT: An Interview with Folade Mutota Deborah McFee

323-340 Social Media and Feminist Social Change in the Caribbean: An Interview with Ronelle King on #LifeInLeggings Amilcar Sanatan

341-344 Reflections on Policy Making by Professor Patricia Mohammed Gabrielle Hosein


Book Review

345-350 "Negotiating Gender, Policy and Politics in the Caribbean: Feminist Strategies, Masculinist Resistance and Transformational Possibilities”, by Gabrielle Hosein and Jane Parpart. – Book Review Tonya Haynes

Film Review

351-358 Des Femmes et Des Hommes—a missed opportunity – Film Review Jewel Fraser


359-362 Never Asking for It Kervisha Cordice