Journal Philosophy

Guiding philosophy of the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies
The Caribbean Review of Gender Studies was created to stimulate cross-cultural exchanges among Caribbean peoples within the region, those in the Caribbean Diaspora, as well as those who bring a comparative perspective to bear on Caribbean gender and feminist concerns. The journal is established around an identity and voice emanating from Caribbean realities of the effects of power in gender, ethnicity and class relations. Thus, it is committed to discourses of heterogeneity rather than to discourses of dominance. The journal welcomes critical disciplinary or multi-disciplinary scholarly articles and creative contributions that broaden networks and enhance the global understanding and reach of Caribbean feminist thinking.

Review process of the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies
The Caribbean Review of Gender Studies employs a review process whereby each submission is sent to two independent reviewers, one internal from within the Caribbean and the other external, outside of the region. Submissions are sent ‘blind’ to the respective reviewers who return the comments to the journal. These comments are subsequently forwarded to the author for consideration. Where necessary, after the author complies with the reviewer’s comments, the submission is resubmitted to the reviewer or it may be vetted by the editor, before being sent to the Editorial Board for final approval. Each contribution is also copy edited for language, style and referencing before publication.

Journal policy – Advisory and Editorial Boards
For the inaugural issue a decision was taken to include contributions on Caribbean gender and feminist scholarship from regional members of the Editorial Board. The Board has valuable expertise and is capable of scholarship rigour which we believe should not be denied the journal. For future issues, however, the journal’s policy is that there will be no more than two articles per issue by Board members.