ISSUE 10CRGS Issue10 cover

IGDS Gold: Advancing Caribbean

Feminist Scholarship

Editors: Dalea Bean and Raquel Sukhu

December 2016



i – iV Contents and Contributors (pdf)



1-10 Signs of the Future of Feminist Praxis and Practise: IGDS Graduate Students and the Evolution of Caribbean Gender Theorising Dalea Bean and Raquel Sukhu


Peer Reviewed Essays

11-44 "I Am Not A Girlie Girl!": Young Womenís Negotiation of Feminine Powerlessness Sue-Ann Barratt

45-68 "What is this t'ing t'en about Caribbean Feminisms?": Feminism in the Anglophone Caribbean, circa 1980-2000 Ellie McDonald

69-94 Other Ways of Seeing and Knowing: Historical Re-Vision in The Salt Roads Debra Providence

95-116 Women and Change in Hugo Chavezís Bolivarian Revolution Aleah Ranjitsingh


Gender Dialogues

117-128 Young, black, female and carefree: Reading "Party Done" Lisa Allen-Agostini

129-138 An Investigation into the Stateís Response to the Trafficking of Women and Girls in Jamaica Tameka Hill

139-150 Sitting on Artifacts of Gender Angelica Rodriguez Bencosme

151-164 The Internet is Cool, Scholarship is Cold and Beyoncť is a Feminist: Reflections on the Popular Action Assignment in Introduction to Womenís Studies Amilcar Sanatan


Research in Action

165-186 Carnival Theatre: An Empowerment and Transformation Model for Long-term and Lifer Inmates at Trinidadís Maximum Security Menís Prison, Arouca Ellen O'Malley-Camps


187-190 Susannah/ Lucille and Dolores Lisa Allen-Agostini

191-196 The Soroptimists and The Misogynist Nicholas Gilbert


Book Review

197-202 Review of Islam and the Americas, Edited by Aisha Khan Patricia Mohammed

Postgraduate Research Degrees

203-208 Postgraduate Research Degrees awarded by the IGDS


209-214 Biographies of contributors