Working Papers


Nita Barrow Unit, Barbados

Issue 13, 2019

Editors’ Note: on Papers from the Nita Barrow Unit  Charmaine Crawford and Leigh-Ann Worrell

Can There be Love in The Caribbean?  Christine Barrow

The Politics of Memory: Historicizing Caribbean Women’s Political Activism  Verene A. Shepherd

What Love has to do with it? Sexuality, Intimacy and Power in Contemporary Caribbean Gender Relations  Violet Eudine Barriteau

Issue 9, 2015

Engendering Local Government in the Commonwealth Caribbean, Working Paper No. 1 April 1998 Violet Eudine Barriteau

Women and Higher Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean: UWI: A Progressive Institution for Women?
Working Paper No.2 February 1999
 Marlene Hamilton

When the Closet is a Region: Homophobia, Heterosexism and Nationalism in the Commonwealth Caribbean
Working Paper No. 5 March 2001
 Tara L. Atluri

Gender, Generation and Memory: Remembering a Future Caribbean, Working Paper No.14 March 2008 Alissa Trotz

St Augustine Unit, Trinidad and Tobago

Prior to the formal publication of the CRGS

Midlife and Older Women in Jamaica: Coping with Family Life and Work Situations, Joan M. Rawlins Working Paper No. 1 Also Issue 1 Inaugural Issue, April 2007

Black Power, Gender Ideology, Cultural Change and the Beginnings of Feminist Discourse in Urban Trinidad in the 1970’s, Victoria Pasley Working Paper No. 2, September, 1997.

Feminist Methods: Women, Traditional Health Knowledge and Ethnoveterinary Knowledge, Cheryl Lans and Niels Roling Working Paper No. 3, June 1998.

Law and the Politics of Inclusion: Women's Experiences in Antigua, Mindie Lazarus-Black Working Paper No. 4, June 1998.

"Like Bush Fire in My Arms": Interrogating the World of Caribbean Romance, Paula Morgan Working Paper No. 5, May 2001. Also Issue 5, 2011

Aspects of Gender in the Spiritual Baptist Religion in Tobago: Notes from the Field, Maarit Laitinen Working Paper No. 6, May 2002.

The Rite of Domination: Tales From the Domesitc Violence Court, Mindie Lazarus-Black Working Paper No. 7, November 2002.

Why are Women in the Caribbean so much more likely than Men to be Unemployed, Stephanie Seguino Working Paper No. 8, July 2004.