crgs8 coverISSUE 8

Fragility and Persistence of Dominant


Editors: Wesley Crichlow, Halimah DeShong

and Linden Lewis

December 2014


i-ii Contents (pdf)
iii-iv Contributors (pdf)


1-14 Vulnerability, Persistence and Destabilization of Dominant Masculinities: An Introduction Wesley Crichlow, Halimah A. F. DeShong and Linden Lewis


15-42 Gender and Performativity: Calypso and the Culture of Masculinity Linden Lewis

43-78 Fragile Masculinities: The Loss of Young Men and the Pervasive Models of Masculinity in The Bahamas that Encourage them to Fail Ian Bennett

79-112 Jamaican Males’ Readings of Masculinities and the Relationship to Violence Carl E. James and Andrea Davis

113-156 “Pullin’ Rank”: School Violence and Neocolonial Hegemonic Masculinity Hakim Mohandas Amani Williams

157-182 Gender Bend and Play a Mas’! Confronting the Gender Binary Kimalee Phillip

183-208 Moving Dancehall Off the Island: Female Sexuality and Club Culture in Toronto Karen Flynn

209-234 The Construction of Black Jamaican Masculinity in a Neocolonial Imaginary: Canadian “Homohegemony” and the “Homophobic Other” Kyle Jackson

235-268 Weaponization and Prisonization of Toronto’s Black Male Youth Wesley Crichlow Republishing from The Justice Journal


269-276 Engaging Men: Reflections on CariMAN and the Journey to the Gender Table Peter Weller

277-282 Commentary on Men, Violence and Crime Gabrielle Henderson

283-288 Boys, Masculinity and Education Barbara Bailey

289-312 Caribbean Male Dancers: Redefining Masculinity Jorge Luis Morejón

313-330 Counter Narratives – Daddies at the Mall Sue Ann Barratt and Crista Mohammed

331-350 Bathhouse Outreach to the Gay Asian Diaspora in Toronto Nalini Mohabir, Richard Utama, Daniel Le, Peter Ho, Ryan Tran, Brian-Bao Ly

351-364 Sexual Violence and the State in Guyana: Reflecting on the Colwyn Harding Case Alissa Trotz

365-376 Masculinity Studies Yesteryear; Masculinity Studies Today: Tyrone Ali in Conversation with Professor Rhoda Reddock Tyrone Ali



377-384 No Empathy Nicholas Gilbert



385-396 Full list of Biographies