issue 1 coverISSUE 1, Inaugural Issue

Introducing the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies

Editor: Patricia Mohammed

April 2007



Introducing the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies Patricia Mohammed, Guest Editor



Going Global? Transnationality, Women/Gender Studies and Lessons from the Caribbean - [view abstract ] Alissa Trotz

Diversity, Difference and Caribbean Feminism: The Challenge of Anti-Racism- [view abstract ] Rhoda Reddock

A Space of Their Own: Indian Women and Land Ownership in Trinidad 1870-1945-
[view abstract ] Shaheeda Hosein

Racialised Identities, Caribbean Realities: Analysing Black Female Identity in Hispanic Caribbean Poetry - [view abstract] Nicole Roberts

Man Talk, Masculinity and a Changing Social Environment- [view abstract ] Linden Lewis

Dancehalls, Masquerades, Body Protest and the Law: The Female Body as a Redemptive Tool Against Trinidad and Tobago’s Gender-biased Laws - [view abstract]
Michèle Alexandre

Love and Anxiety: Gender Negotiations in Chutney-Soca Lyrics - [view abstract]
Aisha Mohammed

Gendering the Caribbean Picturesque- [view abstract ] Patricia Mohammed

Subverting the Gay-Lesbian Agenda: A Re-examination of Shani Mootoo’s Cereus Blooms at Night - [view abstract ] Crista Mohammed


30 Years Towards Equality: How Many More? The Mandate of the Bureau of Gender Affairs in Promoting Gender Justice in the Barbadian state - [view abstract ]
Eudine Barriteau

Critical Moments: A Dialogue Toward Survival and Transformation - [view intro ]
Amira Jarmakani and Donna Troka


Masculinities in Motion - [view intro] Gabrielle Hosein

La Salsa Nuestra de Cada Día - [view intro] Ivonne María Marcial


“A Gift from God”: Gender and the Feminist Ethnography of Water in Three Trinidadian Communities - [view abstract ] Diana Fox, Heidi Savery and Ron Dalton

The Making of Caribbean Feminisms – Interviews with two Caribbean Women: Diana Mahabir-Wyatt and Gaietry Pargass

Diana Mahabir-Wyatt: A meaningful life
Interviewed by Kimberly Byng

Gaietry Pargass: The making of a human rights feminist lawyer
Interviewed by Shelene Gomes


Caribbean Mothers: Identity and Experience in the U.K. - [view intro] Adele Jones

Midlife and Older Women: Family Life, Work and Health in Jamaica - [view intro] Donna Drayton