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Patricia Mohammed


Patricia Mohammed is Professor, Gender and Cultural Studies and the Campus Co-ordinator, School for Graduate Studies and Research, the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. From 2004 she has served as Deputy Dean, (Graduate Studies and Research). From 1994-2002 she was Head of the Mona Unit, Centre for Gender and Development Studies, UWI, Jamaica. She has also acted as Head and holds a Senior Lecturer position at the St. Augustine Unit of the Centre for Gender and Development Studies.  For the fall semester of 2007 she was the Visiting Professor at State University of New York at Albany in joint appointment between Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Women’s Studies.

Professor Mohammed has been involved in feminist activism and scholarship for over two decades and increasingly over the last decade, Cultural Studies. Her academic publications include Gender in Caribbean Development, (co-edited with Catherine Shepherd), 1988, Rethinking Caribbean Difference, Guest Editor, Special Issue, Feminist Review, Routledge Journals, Summer 1998, Caribbean Women at the Crossroads, co-author with Althea Perkins, University of the West Indies, Kingston, 2002, along with numerous essays in journals and books, magazines and newspapers. Her main areas of interest are gender studies, history and art. In May 2006 she co-curated with artist Rex Dixon, a photo based exhibition entitled “The Caribbean in the Age of Modernity” comprising the works of 13 Caribbean artists at the National Library in Port of Spain, Trinidad which was also exhibited in October 2006 at the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo.

Her manuscript entitled Imaging the Caribbean: Culture and Visual Translation is now in press at Macmillan/ Palgrave UK/USA. She is engaged in making a six part series documentary film entitled “A Different Imagination” and has completed a 40 minute documentary entitled Engendering Change: Caribbean Configurations.