ISSUE 12 CRGS Issue1 2cover

Gender and Anti-colonialism in the Interwar Caribbean

Editors: Reena N. Goldthree and Natanya Duncan

December 2018 | Flyer


i–ii Contents

iii–vi Contributors



1–30 Feminist Histories of the Interwar Caribbean: Anti-colonialism, Popular Protest, and the Gendered Struggle for Rights Reena N. Goldthree and Natanya Duncan


Peer Reviewed Essays

31–66 Travel Sickness: Pan-Africanism, Medicine and Misogynoir in Caribbean Harlem W. Chris Johnson

67–94 More than Auxiliary: Caribbean Women and Social Organizations in the Interwar Period Tyesha Maddox

95–120 A Section for Women: Journalism and Gendered Promises of Anti-Colonial Progress in Interwar Panama Kaysha Corinealdi

121–142 Burial Rites, Women’s Rights: Death and Feminism in Haiti, 1925-1938 Grace Sanders Johnson

143–168 Discrimination in Any Shape or Form: Black Activism and Women’s Rights in Interwar Bermuda Nicole Bourbonnais

169– 198 “Race” and Class among Nacionalista Women in Interwar Puerto Rico: The Activism of Dominga de la Cruz Becerril and Trina Padilla de Sanz Gladys M. Jiménez-Muñoz

199–220 “Do Something to Mek She Change:” Reading Respectability in- and unto the National Female Body in two Jamaican Interwar Fictions of Obeah Janelle Rodriques

221–244 Fabricating Intimacies: Artificial Silk and Cloth Wives in the Interwar Moment Faith Smith

245–268 Romancing Jamaica: The National Imaginary and Jamaican-Chinese Women Amrita Bandopadhyay

269–298 Protest and Punishment: Indo-Guyanese Women and Organized Labor Aliyah Khan

299–318 Negotiating Gender, Citizenship and Nationhood through Universal Adult Suffrage in Curaçao Rose Mary Allen

319–344 “She came as a stranger and made herself one of us”: Two Irish Women and Anti-colonial Agitation in Trinidad, 1938-1945 Bridget Brereton


345–362 Writing New Histories of War and Women’s Activism in Jamaica: An Interview with Dalea Bean and Reena N. Goldthree



363–368 Biographies