Denise Bacchus

Lawrence Waldron

Denise Bacchus is a facilitator of learning in the English Skills department at Santa Barbara City College in California.  Denise started her exploration of education in the elementary schools of Guyana and ended this formal path with an MA and PhD from the University of California at Berkeley.  At UC Berkeley, the focus of her master's degree was developmental teaching with a focus on reading.   Her dissertation was centered on student engagement and the centering of students’ marginalized voices.

Over the years, Bacchus developed an interest in the lives of women of the African Diaspora and forms of  resistance.  Starting in Quajiniquilapa, Mexico, over 12 years ago, she has been traveling with cameras to various small communities to collect stories of women.  Her travels have taken her to Jamaica, Barbados, the Guyana–Brazil border, London, Nova Scotia, and Curacao.