ISSUE 13 CRGS Issue1 3cover

African-Caribbean Women: Migration, Diaspora, Post-diaspora

Editors: Leith Dunn and Suzanne Scafe

June 2019 | Flyer


i–ii Contents

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1–16 African-Caribbean Women: Migration, Diaspora, Post-diaspora Leith Dunn and Suzanne Scafe


Peer Reviewed Essays

17–50 Un/belonging in Diasporic Cities: A Literary History of Caribbean Women in London and Toronto Andrea Davis

51–68 Black Women’s Activism and Organisation in Public Health: Struggles and Strategies for Better Health and Wellbeing Jenny Douglas

69–92 More than dollars and cents: Leveraging the multiple roles of Caribbean migrant women within the Diaspora Natasha Mortley

93–120 Gendered, Post-diasporic Mobilities and the Politics of Blackness in Zadie Smith’s Swing Time Suzanne Scafe

121–146 “Reshaping girlhood, reimagining womanhood”: The female child protagonist and the post-diasporic condition in Jamaican female-authored Children’s Literature Aisha Spencer

147– 172 Navigating the Academy in the Post Diaspora: Afro Caribbean Feminism and the intellectual and emotional labour needed to Transgress Saran Stewart

173–198 The Dark Skin I Live In: Deolonizing Racial Capitalism’s Aesthetic Hierarchies in the Diaspora Shirley Ann Tate

Gender Dialogue

199–216 Interrogating Diaspora: Lessons Learned from a Fictional Protagonist Paulette A. Ramsay

Book reviews

217–222 Book review: Inside the Ivory Tower: Narratives of Women of Colour Surviving and Thriving in British Academia (2017) Edited by Deborah Gabriel and Shirley Anne Tate Nadena Doharty

223–230 Book Review: Amanda Arbouin - Black British Graduates: Untold Stories Pauline Muir

Papers from the Nita Barrow Unit

231–232 Editors’ Note: on Papers from the Nita Barrow Unit Charmaine Crawford and Leigh-Ann Worrell

233–266 Can There be Love in The Caribbean? Christine Barrow

267–296 The Politics of Memory: Historicizing Caribbean Women’s Political Activism Verene A. Shepherd
297–330 What Love has to do with it? Sexuality, Intimacy and Power in Contemporary Caribbean Gender Relations Violet Eudine Barriteau Violet Eudine Barriteau


331–340 Biographies