Gabrielle Hosein

Gabrielle Jamela Hosein has been researching Caribbean gender identities since beginning fieldwork on Indo-Trinidadian young women in 1998. Recent articles include themes from this M.Phil research, as well as reflections on Trinidadian politics and culture. Her Ph.D thesis ethnographically explored politics in public life in San Fernando, Trinidad. It focused on the negotiation of authority and governance in settings ranging from a vegetable market and a squatting community to a Carnival mas camp and a local mosque. She is active in the Caribbean youth and feminist movements and has been designing feminist workshops since 2002. Part of the Rapso community and the Ten Sisters' Poetry Movement, her poetry is featured on three locally-produced albums and in the 2005 Zed Press publication, Defending Our Dreams: Global Feminist Voices for a New Generation. She has recently begun to work with visual media and has co-created two documentaries on the Nariva Swamp as well as her own music video "Ketch Dis". In 2007, she co-hosted the television series, “New Voices”, on Gayelle TV. She is currently lecturing at the Centre for Gender and Development Studies, University of the West Indies.