News & Events Archive

  • Campus Service Quality: Academic Advising

    The Campus Service Quality Committee, chaired by the Deputy Principal has focused on a few key areas to begin the process of raising the standard of Services on the St. Augustine Campus.


    The Academic Support/Disabilities Liaison Unit (ASDLU) is no longer known as the Academic Advising and Disabilities Unit (AADLU).

  • Quality Assurance review of student services

    Several departments responsible for the delivery of Student Services, which fall under the Office of the Deputy Principal, have recently concluded a Quality Assurance Review.

  • Strengthening of Community Engagement

    The Deputy Principal has been advocating for a more all rounded student, in keeping with the characteristics of the Ideal UWI graduate outlined in the Strategic strengthening of community engagement, through service learning, community service and co-curricular activities.

  • From Orientation to First Year Experience (FYE)

    The Deputy Principal's Office has expanded its focus on ensuring a more relevant and integrated orientation for new students.

  • Alcohol Policy

    The Alcohol Policy was approved at both the Academic Board meeting and the Campus Financial and General Purposes Committee meeting.

  • Halls of Residence

    The Halls of Residence have made much progress in achieving some of the objectives envisioned by Deputy Principal.