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Posted on: November 19th 2019
Panel Discussion on Climate Change & SIDs



What now?

The panel discussion was a collaboration hosted by The Faculty of Science and Technology, Trinidad and Tobago National Commission for UNESCO and UWI Sta Model UN Club.

Small Island Developing States (SIDs) including islands like Trinidad and Tobago face unique challenges. Among these challenges is their vulnerability to climate change and natural disasters. Intertwined with the adverse effects of climate change, are other trends such as population growth, water scarcity and globalization, loss of land in low-lying coastal areas and damage of ecosystem services and associated livelihoods.

What can we do? What mitigating strategies can we employ? How can we increase resilience in order to confront the challenges faced by SIDs?

The Panel discussion;

  1. Highlighted the specific challenges faced by Trinidad and Tobago and SIDs
  2. Explored appropriate solutions through interdisciplinary dialogues and perspectives from across the UWI community.

In keeping with the global theme of World Science Day (10th November), the Panel discussion contributed to raising awareness of the benefits of Open Science.

Panel Discussion (1).JPG Panel Discussion (2).JPG Panel Discussion (3).JPG
Panel Discussion (4).JPG Panel Discussion (5).JPG Panel Discussion (6).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (2).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (3).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (4).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (5).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (6).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (7).JPG 
Panel Discussion v2 (8).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (9).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (10).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (11).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (12).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (14).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (15).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (16).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (17).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (18).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (19).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (20).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (21).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (22).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (23).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (24).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (25).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (26).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (27).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (28).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (29).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (30).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (31).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (32).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (33).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (34).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (35).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (36).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (37).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (38).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (39).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (40).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (42).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (43).JPG Panel Discussion v2 (44).JPG
Panel Discussion v2 (45).JPG

Posted on: November 1st 2019

Awards Ceremony  Home pic.jpg

On Tuesday 22nd October 2019, The Faculty of Science and Technology welcomed over 400 guests to our Annual Prizes and Awards Ceremony at the Daaga Auditorium, where many of our students were awarded to highlight their achievements.


Guests were entertained during the event by the Department of Life Sciences student, Mr Joshua Jerry who gave a beautiful solo performance on the steelpan.


FST Awards 2019-67.jpg FST Awards 2019-69.jpg FST Awards 2019-70.jpg

FST Awards 2019-71.jpg FST Awards 2019-72.jpg 221019fsta2019-76.jpg

221019fsta2019-77.jpg 221019fsta2019-80.jpg 221019fsta2019-81.jpg

221019fsta2019-82.jpg 221019fsta2019-83.jpg 221019fsta2019-85.jpg

221019fsta2019-86.jpg221019fsta2019-87.jpg 221019fsta2019-88.jpg

221019fsta2019-89.jpg 221019fsta2019-91.jpg 221019fsta2019-92.jpg

221019fsta2019-93.jpg 221019fsta2019-94.jpg 221019fsta2019-96.jpg

221019fsta2019-97.jpg 221019fsta2019-98.jpg 221019fsta2019-99.jpg

221019fsta2019-100.jpg 221019fsta2019-101.jpg 221019fsta2019-102.jpg

221019fsta2019-103.jpg 221019fsta2019-104.jpg 221019fsta2019-105.jpg

221019fsta2019-106.jpg 221019fsta2019-107.jpg 221019fsta2019-108.jpg


221019fsta2019-109.jpg 221019fsta2019-110.jpg 221019fsta2019-111.jpg

221019fsta2019-112.jpg 221019fsta2019-113.jpg 221019fsta2019-114.jpg

221019fsta2019-115.jpg 221019fsta2019-116.jpg 221019fsta2019-117.jpg

221019fsta2019-118.jpg 221019fsta2019-119.jpg 221019fsta2019-120.jpg

221019fsta2019-121.jpg 221019fsta2019-122.jpg 221019fsta2019-123.jpg

221019fsta2019-124.jpg 221019fsta2019-125.jpg 221019fsta2019-126.jpg

221019fsta2019-127.jpg 221019fsta2019-128.jpg 221019fsta2019-129.jpg

221019fsta2019-130.jpg 221019fsta2019-131.jpg 221019fsta2019-132.jpg

221019fsta2019-133.jpg 221019fsta2019-134.jpg 221019fsta2019-136.jpg

221019fsta2019-137.jpg 221019fsta2019-138.jpg 221019fsta2019-139.jpg

221019fsta2019-140.jpg 221019fsta2019-141.jpg 221019fsta2019-142.jpg

221019fsta2019-143.jpg 221019fsta2019-144.jpg 221019fsta2019-145.jpg

221019fsta2019-148.jpg 221019fsta2019-149.jpg 221019fsta2019-150.jpg

221019fsta2019-151.jpg 221019fsta2019-152.jpg 221019fsta2019-153.jpg

221019fsta2019-154.jpg 221019fsta2019-155.jpg 221019fsta2019-156.jpg

221019fsta2019-157.jpg 221019fsta2019-158.jpg 221019fsta2019-159.jpg

221019fsta2019-160.jpg 221019fsta2019-161.jpg 221019fsta2019-162.jpg

221019fsta2019-163.jpg 221019fsta2019-164.jpg 221019fsta2019-165.jpg

221019fsta2019-166.jpg 221019fsta2019-167.jpg 221019fsta2019-168.jpg

221019fsta2019-169.jpg 221019fsta2019-170.jpg 221019fsta2019-171.jpg

221019fsta2019-172.jpg 221019fsta2019-173.jpg 221019fsta2019-174.jpg

221019fsta2019-175.jpg 221019fsta2019-176.jpg 221019fsta2019-177.jpg

221019fsta2019-178.jpg 221019fsta2019-179.jpg 221019fsta2019-198.jpg

221019fsta2019-199.jpg 221019fsta2019-204.jpg 221019fsta2019-206.jpg

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and helped make the evening such a success. #fstuwi

Posted on: November 18th 2019
Written by the Biological Society

Rethinking Plastic

This summer, the UWI Biological Society and Department of Creative and Festival Arts collaborated to complete a mural within the Faculty of Science and Technology under the theme ‘Rethinking Plastic’. The project was conceptualized by the Biological Society and executed by students from the Department of Creative and Festivals Arts. This project is aimed to raise awareness on the current state of the environment due to our indiscriminate plastic usage.

On one half, a polluted scene with dead fish, netted turtles, broken and bleached coral and an oil spill all with the presence of single-use plastic. This is to show the viewer that plastic has a direct impact on our environment and wildlife. This is contrasted by the opposite side where nature is not disturbed. The centre of the piece has a recycling bin, this indicates the transition between the dirty, polluted waters to the clean, flourishing ecosystem that exists when plastic does not enter our environment. The coral is flourishing, the fish are healthy and the water is clear. The mural also incorporates the flags of the fifteen (15) CARICOM member states highlighting the important role we play as the region’s leading university.

The hope is to show students that an act as simple and disposing of your waste properly can have a massive impact on our environment. The hope is to visually stimulate the viewer to properly understand how important it is for us to reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse and rethink plastic.

Photo of the ‘Rethinking Plastic’ mural completed on August 02 2019.

Mural 1.jpg



Posted on: October 23rd 2019

Programmers day.jpg

Computers, technology and software make the modern world go around. For every piece of software, there’s a programmer more so teams of programmers behind the scenes, solving problems with ingenious code, cloud security solutions and development projects.

International Programmers’ Day celebrates the positive changes that programmers make to improve our everyday lives.

Programmers day1.png
Students taking part in Programmers Day Activities.

Many people observe International Programmers’ Day on the 256th day of the year because “256” (28) is the number of distinct values that can be represented with an 8-bit byte, and 256 is the highest power of 2 that is less than 365, the number of days in a year.

International Programmer’s day was celebrated on September 13th 2019.

The Department of Computing and Information Technology, at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine campus, celebrated International Programmer’s Day on September 12th with a series of activities including

  • Poster Displays
  • Demonstration of Raspberry Pi
  • Crosswords
  • Programmer’s Taboo
  • Decipher the Song (Popular song lyrics written in code)
Programmer day2.jpg
Students taking part in Programmers Day Activities.
Posted on: October 23rd 2019

THE FIRST CITIZENS UWI INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME – changing lives and building bridges

FCB outreach.png

The prestigious First Citizens UWI Internship programme graduated its 3rd cohort of top performing students on August 30th at the TLC Building, UWI. This year, 19 students from The Department of Computer and Information Technology and The Department of Management Studies took part in the three-month internship.

Students were placed in various First Citizens Business Facilities where they worked alongside the professionals and were given valuable experience as well as the opportunity to develop and introduce new innovations in Banking and Investing. This new cadre of top-tier talent from The University of the West Indies has been launched on a promising path to career success.

FCB Dean.png

In congratulating the graduates from cohort 3 of the programme, Professor Sterling Frost, Deputy CEO – Operations and Administration remarked, “This programme has now set a new benchmark for creating the bridge with the corporate world and I implore our graduates to keep working hard, use the lessons learned to add value to their careers and to focus on their responsibility to make a difference in our society.”

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