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Whitespotted Filefish (Cantherhines macrocerus) - Photo by Mike G. Rutherford

The accounts are organized by common name for accessibility, including multiple entries under alternative names where useful. Endemic species (E) are those that are only found in Trinidad and Tobago. Introduced or invasive species (I) are those with breeding populations in the wild that are not native to Trinidad and Tobago. Accidental or occasional visitors (A) are species that may naturally occur as individuals in Trinidad and Tobago or its offshore waters but do not form breeding populations or regular migrations. Dangerously venomous species (V) and those which may cause severe stings (S) to humans are also indicated.   


Acoupa Weakfish 

African Pompano or Cobblerfish 

Albacore Tuna

Almaco Jack or Almaco Amberjack, or Highfin Amberjack, or Silvercoat Jack

Amberjack, Greater 

American Cownose Ray

American Eel

Anchovy, Shortfinger

Angelfish, Flameback Pygmy 

Angelfish, French

Angelfish, Grey

Angelfish, Queen

Angelfish, Rock Beauty


Atlantic Blue Marlin or Maman-balatre

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Atlantic Flyingfish

Atlantic Goliath Grouper

Atlantic Lizardfish

Atlantic Needlefish

Atlantic Pearlfish 

Atlantic Porkfish

Atlantic Sailfish

Atlantic Spadefish

Atlantic Tarpon

Atlantic Thread-herring

Balao Halfbeak 

Bally or Ballyhoo Halfbeak

Banded Butterflyfish

Banded Puffer

Banjo Catfish

Barracuda, Great

Bass, Harlequin

Belted Cardinalfish

Bigeye Tuna

Bigmouth Sleeper

Black Grouper or Marbled Rockfish

Black Jack

Black Kingfish

Black Mullet

Blackbar Soldierfish

Blackfin Snapper

Blackfin Tuna 

Blackspotted Snake Eel 

Blacktip Shark

Blenny, Blackfin

Blenny, Hairy

Blenny, Pearl

Blenny, Rosy

Blenny, Sailfin

Blenny, Seaweed

Blenny, Secretary

Blenny, Spinyhead

Blind or Silver​ Catfish 

Blue Runner

Blue Striped Grunt 

Bluegold Goby


Blue Tang Surgeonfish

Bristlenose Catfish (E) or Jumbie Teta (E)

Buffalo Trunkfish

Bull Shark

Burrfish, Bridled

Burrfish, Striped

Burrfish, Web

Butterflyfish, Four-eye

Butterflyfish, Spotfin

Caribbean Chestnut Moray

Caribbean Electric Ray (S) or Torpedofish (S)

Caribbean Red or Southern Snapper

Caribbean Reef Shark

Caribbean Sharpnose Puffer

Caribbean Sharpnose Shark 

Caribbean Whiptail Stingray (S) or Chupare Stingray (S)


Cascadu, Flat-head or Chato


Chain Moray or Little Banded Eel

Channel Flounder

Checkered Puffer

Clingfish, Emerald

Clingfish, Stippled 


Comb Grouper

Common Jack,  Crevalle Jack, Carangue

Common Lionfish (I, S)

Common Molly (I)

Common Remora or Shark Sucker



Corydoras, Bronze 

Coscarob, Brown

Coscarob, Green or Blue Acara

Cowfish, Honeycomb 

Cowfish, Scrawled

Creole Wrasse

Crested Goby

Croaker, Whitemouth 

Cutlassfish or Largehead Hairtail

Damselfish, Beaugregory

Damselfish, Bicolour

Damselfish, Cocoa

Damselfish, Threespot

Devil Firefish (I,S)

Doctorfish Tang

Dog Snapper

Dolphinfish, Common

Dolphinfish, Pompano

Drumfish, Spotted

Eel, Goldspotted Snake 

Eel, Spotted Snake

Eel, Swamp

Emerald Parrotfish

Fairy Basslet or Gramma, Royal

Fat Sleeper

Fat Snook or Saumon

Filefish, Orange or Tobaccofish

Filefish, Scrawled

Filefish, Slender

Flat Needlefish

Flathead Mullet 

Flounder, Eyed 

Flounder, Peacock

Flounder, Tropical

Flyingfish, Fourwing

Four-eyed Fish

French Grunt

Frillfin Goby

Frogfish, Hairy

Frogfish, Island

Frogfish, Longlure

Goatfish, Spotted 

Goby, Greenbanded

Goby, Peppermint

Goby, River

Goby, Sharknose

Goby, Spotwing

Gourami, Three Spot (I) 


Great Hammerhead Shark

Green Moray

Green Razorfish

Greenblotch Parrotfish

Grey Snapper

Grey Triggerfish or Leatherjacket or Pig-faced Fish

Grouper, Nassau or Rockfish

Grouper, Red

Grouper, Snowy or Spotted

Grouper, Tiger

Grouper, Yellowedge

Grouper, Yellowfin

Grouper, Yellowmouth

Grunt, White


Guabine, Jumping 


Guyana Leaffish

Hamlet, Yellowbelly

Hamlet, Yellowtail

Hammerhead Shark, Scalloped

Hammerhead Shark, Shovelhead or Bonnethead

Hammerhead Shark, Smalleye

Hardhead Silverside


Hogfish, Spanish

Hogfish, Spotfin

Houndfish or Stickfish

Inshore Lizardfish

Jack, Red or Bar

Jack, Yellow

Jawfish, Yellow-headed

Kingfish or King Mackerel

Ladyfish or Ten-pounder

Lane Snapper

Largetooth Sawfish (A)

Lemon Shark

Lesser Devil Ray or Atlantic Devil Ray

Lined Seahorse

Lionfish, Red (I, S)

Little Tunny or False Albacore

Longsnout Seahorse or Slender Seahorse

Longspine Squirrelfish


Mackerel Scad

Mako Shark, Shortfin (A)

Mama-teta (E)or Teta Fish (E) 

Mangrove Snapper

Man-of-war Fish

Manta Ray

Molly Miller

Moray, Spotted

Mountain Mullet

Mountain Stream Sardine

Mozambique Tilapia (I)

Mullet, White 

Mutton Snapper

Night Sergeant

Nile Tilapia (I)

Nurse Shark

Ocean Surgeonfish

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

One-lined Pencil Fish (I)

Pacuma Toadfish or Sapo

Parrotfish, Blue

Parrotfish, Princess

Parrotfish, Queen

Parrotfish, Rainbow

Parrotfish, Redband

Parrotfish, Redfin or Yellowtail

Parrotfish, Redtail

Parrotfish, Slender or Bluelip

Parrotfish, Stoplight

Parrotfish, Striped

Pearly Razorfish


Pike Cichlid 

Pond Perch


Porgy, Silver or Sea Bream

Puffer, Southern

Queen Triggerfish

Ray, Spotted Eagle

Reef Scorpionfish (S)

Round Sardinella

Sand Diver

Sardine Doree 

Sargassum Fish

Sargassum Triggerfish

Seabream, Western Atlantic

Sergeant Major 

Shark, Silky

Shark, Tiger

Shark, Whale


Sharksucker, Slender


Slippery Dick 

Smalltooth Sawfish (A)

Smooth Trunkfish


Snapper, Schoolmaster

Snapper, Yellowtail 

Splash Tetra (I)

Spotted Scorpionfish (S)

Spotted Trunkfish

Stargazer, Saddle

Stargazer, Sand

Stingray, Southern (S) 

Stingray, Yellow (S)


Tri Tri or Spotted Algae-eating Goby



Tuna, Yellowfin

Two Spot Astyanax

Western Atlantic Bonefish

Wrasse, Bluehead

Wrasse, Blackear

Wrasse, Puddingwife

Wrasse, Rainbow or Painted Wrasse

Wrasse, Yellowcheek

Wrasse, Yellowhead Yarrow


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