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Halls of Residence at UWI St. Augustine


You can enjoy being part of “dorm life” by living in one of the four Halls of Residence on campus. The Trinity Hall [all female], Canada Hall [co-ed], and Freedom Hall (formerly Milner Hall)[co-ed] are all located on the main campus while the Joyce Gibson-Inniss Hall [co-ed] is situated at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mount Hope and the Arthur Lewis Hall of Residence is located at the North Campus on St. John Rd. Students at the Halls of Residence have full Internet access via the Campus Wide Area Network. Further information for On and Off Campus Accommodation can be acquired at the DSSD, Student Accommodation Office, located on the 1st floor Student Activity Center, email address: .

Hall Administration

The Hall Supervisor oversees the day-to-day functioning, student conduct, and activities of the Hall. A Hall Chairman is elected annually by the residents and heads the Hall Committee. The Hall organizational structure is similar on all Halls. Through the Hall Chairman, or another nominee, residents are represented on the Guild of Students.

Population Origin

Residents on the Halls comprise mainly of persons from different parts of the Caribbean Islands and many other parts of the world such as the United States, United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Venezuela and Suriname.

Hall Life 

The "Home away from Home" concept at each Hall ensures that each resident has the opportunity to enjoy many aspects of recreation which aim to add to the total University experience.


In addition to Porters who are stationed round the clock at the front office to monitor entry and exits from the Halls, there are also night security officers on patrol around the premises. The University Estate Police make routine checks and are just within walking distance, in the case of Canada, Freedom and Trinity Halls. There is also 24-hour security placed at the Joyce Gibson-Inniss Hall of Residence and the Arthur Lewis Hall of Residence with regular patrols made by the UWI Estate Police. Each room is well secured, with rooms on the Ground floors being burglar-proofed.


Payphones are available. Residents can also apply to TSTT for personal telephones at their own expense.

Meal Plan
Students are responsible for their own meals, a kitchen is provided with refrigerators, Stoves, microwave. There is a cafeteria located on campus as well as other fast food outlets.

Laundry Facilities
Washers/dryers are available; you are responsible for your own detergent.

Computer Facilities
There are computer labs with internet connection.

Cleaning Services
Your bathrooms, corridors as well as the general common areas are cleaned regularly by Hall Staff.

Security Tips
Students must pay close attention to Hall Rules. Always lock you door when leaving room Travel in groups late at night, avoid unlit areas Do not give your key to anyone, keep passport, jewelry and other important documents in a secured place.