About Us

Our mission is to drive innovation and entrepreneurship within the University and beyond.

We connect academia to industry, policy- and decision-makers, bringing great ideas to life for the use and benefit of society. By funding, protecting and commercialising new innovations, we generate solutions that shape the future of the region.

For innovators:

We coach you through the complex process of transforming discoveries into commercial products and services and scalable development solutions.

We assess and protect your ideas and connect you with the resources and expertise you need to advance your work.

When it’s time, we help you market and socialise your innovation to help you attract potential partners and collaborators.

Or we can assist you in creating a spin-out company around your idea.

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For everyone else

At STACIE, we also welcome individual entrepreneurs, governmental institutions, development agencies and industry partners to collaborate with UWI faculty and students.

We actively nurture these relationships and facilitate the transfer of knowledge to solve real world problems.

Service charter

Our Customer Service Charter is a result of a collaborative effort with our stakeholders. It is a blueprint to our operations, serving as a communication tool which guides our service delivery. The charter clarifies our role, function and commitments. And forms a baseline for continuous quality improvement. Download the full charter to read the details.

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St. Augustine Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The University of the West Indies
St. Augustine Campus

Telephone (868) 662-2002 ext 82483 /
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