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Our Partners

At UWI, St Augustine, we foster partnerships both within and outside the university community. Our researchers collaborate across departments and fields to deliver joint responses in areas of national and regional development.

We also partner with innovation-led companies, national and regional public and private sector organisations, other research institutions and international development agencies.

Here’s how we serve our partners at STACIE:

  • Assessing Intellectual Property (IP) and pursuing of IP protection
  • Commercialising IP through joint venture partnerships, licensing agreements, technology marketing and facilitating investments
  • Sourcing internal and external resources and expertise to support idea development including business planning, commercialisation and other entrepreneurial activities
  • Providing and sourcing grant funding to support research and innovation
  • Facilitating institutional philanthropy and managing investor and donor relationships
  • Developing workforce research statistics to support skill training development needs
  • Advisory Services for preparing proposals, guidance about policies and procedures, compliance and risk management
  • Contract management
  • Project management
  • Capacity building in resource mobilisation and grant writing
  • Impact analysis reporting
  • Technical support, including commercialisation support, business plan support, intellectual property management and technical proposal writing
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation

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Partners & Donors

World intellectual Property Organisation
Trinidad & Tobago Intellectual Property Office
The National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago Limited
Atlantic LNG
Caribbean Industrial Research Institute
Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute
Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturers' Association
Caribbean Public Health Authority


STACIE has been receptive to all of our requests. They are solution-oriented and welcome new areas of research. The team at STACIE is knowledgeable, efficient and meticulous, and also never shies away from new frontiers.

Lisa Burkett

Manager Corporate Communications
National Gas Company