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You focus on the research. We help with the rest.

So, you think you’ve discovered a breakthrough new product idea. Or maybe an improvement to a process. A radical social intervention. Or a way to innovate in creative industries. But it’s easy to become overwhelmed when you think about all the steps to getting your innovation to the public. The good news is you don’t have to do it all yourself. Talk to us. We can help.

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Get expert advice, support and resources to launch your idea.

Before you publish or present, find out the best way to protect your intellectual property. You’ll discover the feasibility and readiness of your idea. And you’ll get the best strategy and resources to take your idea to the world.

No, you don’t need to be a business expert

Benefit from the experience we've gained protecting and launching new ideas. Since 2017, we’ve helped advance more than 30 projects. And we've received 17 invention disclosures and formed two spinoff companies in 2019 alone. You can use our expertise to make smarter decisions and get answers to your questions, so you never feel in over your head.

Based on our knowledge alone, we would have had a lot of technical data and just not know what to do with it next. That’s the good thing about STACIE, they help you to take your invention and find a way forward to commercialisation.

Post-doctorate Researcher

Tap into our network

At STACIE, we’ve cultivated relationships with industry and have built a network of investors and partners around the globe. Connect with these resources to help you fund your research. Get the best advice on strategy and attract investment for your project.

The reality is that the better-known you are, the easier it is to knock on investors’ doors. You can‘t underestimate the power of The UWI brand where that’s concerned.

Systems Implementation Specialist

Stay on track with compliance and reporting

Your funded project will often require you to comply with ongoing reporting, institutional and legal requirements. Get help following UWI’s policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the funder’s regulations, proper management of funds and accountability to funding agencies.

Share your knowledge through consulting

Your expertise is in high demand. Consult through STACIE and share your insight on a project, give advice or license research tools you’ve developed. We'll take care of all the legal, financial and administrative details. That way your knowledge benefits you, the University and the wider society.

Write winning grant proposals

A strong proposal is the key to securing funding and other support for your project. Get help to demonstrate your clearly defined methodology and strategy. Know your target agency and their guidelines. And get coaching on the best way to make the case for support. Confidently apply for a research grant, prepare a consultancy bid, respond to an RFP, tender process or prepare an expression of interest. We guide you at every step of the application process, so your proposal has the best chance for success.

Here’s some of what we do for you:

  • Assess your idea for technical and commercial readiness
  • File for intellectual property (IP) protection
  • Source funding for patent application and legal fees
  • Connect you with internal and external expertise to help develop your idea
  • Assist you in developing a prototype
  • Provide and source grant funding to support your research
  • Advise you on how to prepare proposals and write grant applications
  • Identify and attract potential partnerships
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Connect you with market research and market development services
  • Help you decide whether you’ll license your innovation, form a joint venture, create a spin-off company or pursue some other commercialisation strategy

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Get hands-on support when you need it

Hands down, the support I’ve gotten here has been amazing. The people are great. Their experience is vital. And I think I would not have reached this far in my research if I did not have STACIE.

Keeran Ward

Lecturer and Junior Researcher