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At STACIE, we connect you with the right academic team or consultant to match your needs. We make collaboration easy by managing the administration of projects, including negotiating contracts, handling finances and arranging access to The UWI’s facilities.

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Why collaborate with The UWI?

#1 in the Caribbean

The University of the West Indies is rated as one of the best universities in the region. We’re ranked #1 in the Caribbean. We’re in the top 2% in Latin America. And we’re in the top 4% of universities in the world. UWI, St. Augustine is one of The UWI’s five campuses across the region.

Wide knowledge base

With more than 50 departments, specialised units, centres and institutes in Trinidad and Tobago, you can tap into our extensive research experience. Our work is deeply rooted in the Caribbean while being globally relevant.

Solid partnerships

We have a successful history of collaborating with industry, government, development agencies, civil society organisations and academia. Our hallmark at STACIE is activating the triple helix. We leverage these university-industry-government relationships to solve complex societal and economic problems.

We came to STACIE because we wanted to see what our carbon footprint was as a result of our reforestation programme. The researchers were the heroes of the project. They are definitely the experts in their field. Whatever we wanted to accomplish they had a proposal and a method for getting it done.


Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
The National Gas Company


Crack complex problems with custom solutions

If you have a commercial or development goal, you can get innovative solutions tailored to you. Or get help to design and implement sustainable CSR projects that are more thoughtful and impactful. Draw on our expertise and put the best minds in the region to work for you.

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License new technologies

Don’t fall behind because you don’t have the in-house capacity to conduct your own R&D. You can gain an advantage by licensing UWI technologies. Enter new markets to generate more income. Produce new or better-quality products. Or improve your processes and reduce your costs. So that you always stay ahead of the competition.

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License research tools

At the University, we have developed novel methods and compositions that can be used to further your own academic or other research. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Make your discoveries with our research tools.

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Partner with startups

Some of the breakthrough technologies discovered at The UWI have the potential to be spun off into new companies. You can collaborate with inventors as advisors or create joint ventures and other partnerships. Get in first on promising new startups.

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