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We promote innovation, fund research and foster entrepreneurship. Bringing UWI knowledge and discoveries off campus and into the real world - where they can make an impact.


Academics, researchers & students

Your research doesn’t have to end with publication

You can access the resources and expertise you need to realise new ideas. Fund your research. Protect your intellectual property. And get support scaling or commercialising your innovation. So that the world benefits from your breakthrough.

Not sure about the value of your idea? Talk to us so you know what's possible.

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Industry, entrepreneurs, government, non-profits

Solve your business problems with our expertise

Get advice from our world-class experts and access our facilities, equipment and services. You can use our consulting services to make research-backed decisions. Or take advantage of the latest innovations by licensing new technologies. Collaborate with us to produce new knowledge that makes industry and society better.

Work together

Donors, development agencies, funding agencies

Support the next big idea

When you partner with UWI you promote breakthroughs in medicine and science, more effective social interventions and innovations in the creative industries. Through our donor partners and funders, we have helped researchers attract more than TT$100M in external project funding over 10 years. Join our list of partners and invest in the future today.

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