What does the St. Augustine Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (StACIE) do?

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What levels of support are provided by your office?

From identifying a funding source, to assisting as required and on demand with the proposal write-up, to negotiating contractual terms and conditions inclusive of Intellectual Property Rights, to managing the project. STACIE provides a range of support services to our various clients:

  • Assessing Intellectual Property (IP) and pursuing of IP protection
  • Commercialising IP through joint venture partnerships, licensing agreements, technology marketing and facilitating investments
  • Sourcing internal and external resources and expertise to support idea development including business planning, commercialisation and other entrepreneurial activities
  • Providing and sourcing grant funding to support research and innovation
  • Facilitating institutional philanthropy and managing investor and donor relationships
  • Capacity building in resource mobilisation and grant writing
  • Developing workforce research statistics to support skill training development needs
  • Advisory Services for preparing proposals, guidance about policies and procedures, compliance and risk management
  • Contract management
  • Project management
  • Impact analysis reporting
  • Technical support, including commercialisation support, business plan support, intellectual property management and technical proposal writing
  • Mediation
  • Negotiation


Who assists in preparing competitive proposals, providing budgeting advice, negotiating contracts and managing research projects?

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How does your Office go about securing funding?

Funding is sought from various sources: Government of Trinidad and Tobago, International, Private Sector. Due diligence is done on the areas of support by each donor, then the St. Augustine Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship works with the Researchers to formulate a response that is desirable to the funder, while keeping with the mandate of the UWI.


What types of projects will your Office support?

Projects that either respond to a research question, provides solutions to private or public sector issues, projects that are in the interest of the various donor institutions. STACIE has also designed its own proposals which it saw as valuable to the country and region.


Who to contact to talk about a research idea or preparing a proposal?

Contact us at stacie@sta.uwi.edu or Tel: 868-224-3722; 868 662-2002 ext: 82483 and a team member will be sure to follow-up with you within 1-3 business days.


What is co financing?

Co-financing refers to the financing of an action by several donors. Each donor’s financial contribution is represented in the budget and is included in the overall total of the budget as agreed. Supporting documents are: Original invoices, receipts and bills.


What are in-kind contributions?

In-kind contributions are any non-monetary contributions made in support of an action. These contributions are made by donors, stakeholders, sponsors or any interested parties. Examples are: use of facilities, use of equipment, supplies, etc. In-kind contributions can be measured in terms of value and evidenced by supporting documents although they are not accounted for in the budget.


What is counterpart funding?

Counterpart funding in principle involves both co-financing and In-kind contributions. However, it refers only to the actual costs spent on an action by the donor organizations. Where a value is placed on in- kind contributions and accounted for in the budget, it is considered counterpart funding. Examples of counterpart funding are: Overhead expenses, Staff time spent on the action, wavering of fees and costs, supplies, refreshments, functions, etc. Counterpart funding is represented in the budget for Co-financing. Counterpart funding documents are: Original invoices, receipts, bills and any documents of undertaking.


If I believe that I have a novel idea, process or product and wish to pursue the further development of this idea, what do I do?

Contact us at stacie@sta.uwi.edu or 868-224-3722; 868 662-2002 ext: 82483 and a team member will be sure to follow-up with you within 1-3 business days.

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