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You can access both internal and external sources for R&D funding with STACIE. Depending on how advanced your research is, you'll be matched with the support that’s right for you. And you’ll get help to write your proposal and advice about compliance and reporting post award.

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Internal funding

At The UWISTA, researchers can access funding from their faculties, the School of Graduate Studies or two Funds managed by STACIE. Contact your Faculty Dean or read on to learn more.

The Research & Development Impact (RDI) Fund

As a fulltime academic staff member of UWISTA you benefit from The UWI Trinidad and Tobago Research and Development Impact (RDI) Fund. It supports projects that address pressing development challenges. Projects that will achieve recognisable and substantive impact within 3-5 years.

Emphasis is placed on:

  • multi-disciplinary research
  • collaboration and strategic partnerships
  • participation of PhD students and/or post-doctoral researchers
  • focus on research-directed action
  • impact on policy, practice, products and services
  • contribution to shaping the intellectual discourse on a policy issue of national or regional importance
  • knowledge dissemination and stakeholder engagement

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The Innovation & Technology Transfer (ITT) Fund

If your idea is close to commercialisation, you can apply to the UWISTA Innovation and Technology Transfer (ITT) Fund. You’ll get grant funding to accelerate the development of intellectual property (IP). That means ideas, technologies, know-how and inventions from ALL fields of research that can be commercialised or licensed.

Leap over the ‘Valley of Death’ and get funding to bridge the gap between your initial research and when you're ready for commercial investment.

The IP that forms the basis of the application must be owned or co-owned by The UWI and is subject to the UWI’s IP disclosure process.

Apply to the ITT Fund

The Campus Research & Publication Fund

Apply for seed funding through the Campus Research and Publication (R&P) Fund so you can communicate and publish your research. The fund is managed by the School of Graduate Studies and Research (SGSR).

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External funding

Apply for external funding and get help writing your winning proposal. STACIE works closely with other university offices, like the University Office of Research and the University Office of Global Partnerships & Sustainable Futures to find and access opportunities for external funding to support the work of UWI researchers.


Funding and Consultancy Opportunities


IDB REOI - Consultancy to Undertake a Caribbean Startup Ecosystem Benchmarking (Deadline March 11 2024)

Consultancy to Prepare a Report on the Family and Children Division of the High Court in Trinidad and Tobago (Deadline March 20 2024) 12,000GBP

ACTT - Consultancy Services to Research and Develop an Occupational Outlook Handbook for Trinidad and Tobago 2024 (Deadline March 22 2024) TT$100,000 

Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA) Consultancy: Technical Capacity Building to Support the Green Transition in CARIFORUM MSMES (Deadline March 31 2024)

CEDA/CDB Consultancy: Design And Delivery of A Capacity Building Programme To Improve Customer Experience In The Investment Facilitation Ecosystem in The Caribbean (Deadline March 31 2024)



CCRIF Small Grants US$5,000 to US$25,000 (quarterly)

IAF Sustainable Development Funding US$25,000 to US$400,000 (ongoing)

PRO-WASH & SCALE grant - food and nutrition security objectives: agriculture, natural resource management (NRM), livelihoods, markets, water resource management (WRM), and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH)

US$100,000 (Deadline March 22 2024)

ICGEB Life Sciences, Health, Biotechnology and Bioenergy Collaborative Research Grants £25,000 to £75,000 (Deadline March 31 2024)

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency max US$1,000,000 (Deadline March 31 2024)

Future of Life Institute CfP- Evaluating the Impact of AI on Poverty, Health, Energy and Climate SDGs (Deadline April 1 2024) US$15,000

Worldwide Cancer Research Grant Program (Deadline April 2 2024) £275,000

IDRC - Climate and Heatlh April 5 2024) 

IDB BlueTech for Waste Initiative

US$300,000 – US$750,000 - Counterpart funds to be provided by the Applicant: 50% of the total budget, half in cash and half in kind.

Submission 2nd round: March 1 - April 30, 2024

Submission 3rd round: June 1 - July 31, 2024

Spencer Foundation - Small Research Grants on Education US$50,000 (Deadline April 30 2024)

Wildlife Acoustics Grant US$12,000 (Deadline May 15 2024)

Ekhaga Foundation - promote human health by working for the development of better food, natural medicines and healing methods, as well as supporting research for a healthier way of life, which in itself can have a disease-preventing effect (Deadline May 20 2024)

IRDC/ANDE - Improving Outcomes for Women-led Clean Energy Enterprises Through Applied Research US$60,000 (Deadline May 31 2024)

Research and education in ornamental horticulture US$20,000 (Deadline June 14 2024)

Conservation, Food and Health Foundation grant 

US$25,000 to 50,000 (Deadline July 1 2024)

Global Innovation Fund

Innovative Health Practices (Science and Technology and other Research and Development)

Unsolicited Funding Applications

FFAR Rapid Outcomes from Agricultural Research (ROAR)$150,000



THRIVE Climate Challenge US$100,000 (Deadline March 29 2024)

Innovate 4 Nature Award CHF$100,000 (total in 4 areas) (Deadline April 5 2024)

Zuckerberg Water Prize US$60,000 (Deadline November 20 2024)



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