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Every day, The UWI generates new intellectual property (IP) in the sciences, humanities and social sciences. IP that you can use to create new products. Develop services and processes. Even spawn new industries. Just tell us what you’re trying to achieve, and we’ll connect you with potential solutions.

Licensing is just one way we transfer knowledge out of the University into society. Get the most from our IP through manufacturing and distribution arrangements, exploratory licenses, service contracts and consultancies.

Proceeds from these types of arrangements are funneled back to The UWI community to foster new ideas for the benefit of all.

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Novel class of antibiotic adjuvants to treat drug resistant bacteria.
Inventors: Adesh Ramsubhag, Antonio Ramkissoon, Jayaraj Jayaraman, Anderson Maxwell

Synthesis and Use of Chiral Ionic Liquids.
Inventors: Gurdial Singh, Patrice Plaza, Bhoomendra Bhongade

An Apparatus for Percussive Harmonic Musical Synthesis Utilizing MIDI Technology (APHAMS).
Inventors: Brian Copeland, Marcel Byron, Earl Philip, Keith Maynard

Tetrapeptide Copper Catalysts Capable of Oxidising Hydrocarbons at Room Temperature.
Inventors: Gurdial Singh, Latisha Candice Nicholas-Lewis

Fingerprint Classification System and Method Using Regular Expression Machines.
Inventors: Laurice Phillips, Margaret Bernard, Duc T. Kieu

Industrial Designs

Face Shields
Face Masks
N95 Respirators
Aerosolisation Hoods

Research Tools

Contact us for:

  • Databases
  • Software
  • Datasets
  • Reagents (antibodies, primers, DNA/RNA, cell lines etc.)
  • Copyright (images, survey instruments, assessment tools etc.)

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