Enhancing National Health Standards in Aquaculture Systems (ENHSAS)

The Aquatic Animal Health (AAH) Unit of The UWI-School of Veterinary Medicine (UWI-SVM) launched the project “Enhancing National Health Standards in Aquaculture Systems (ENHSAS): Increasing Aquaculture Productivity, Improving Industry Sustainability and Reducing Deleterious Aquatic Habitat Impacts”, supported by the UNDP Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF-SGP). STACIE assisted in the establishment of ENHSAS with financial support from the UNDP GEF-SGP. The project was developed to direct grant funding to strengthening the local Aquaculture sector, and aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to support the sustainability of the aquaculture industry.

The project entailed several activities including raising awareness of challenges faced by aquaculture producers. The UWI SVM trained over 25 stakeholders in AAH best practices and an educational symposium at the MIC Institute of Technology where over 30 persons attended. Another deliverable was an educational series on the ENHSAS Project YouTube channel  (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRLavRbpduB1wqmv78qjDqw) demonstrating best practices in fish management for pets and aquaculture, and encouraging preservation of aquatic ecosystems. The UWI-SVM also expanded their AAH diagnostic laboratory to conduct tests to identify fish pathogens, a feature available to the general public.

The UWI-SVM hopes to continue promote measures to increase the sustainability of ornamental and food fish aquaculture in Trinidad and Tobago through outreach initiatives, videos, and laboratory services. 

More information can be found at https://agenparl.eu/the-uwi-and-gef-sgp-working-towards-a-more-sustainable-tt-aquaculture-sector/



Photo:  Director UWI-SVM with ENHSAS Project Team- Nov 21, 2018; Front Row: Ms. Melanie Richards (UNDP GEF-SGP Representative); Mrs. Indira Jagassar (Manager of Business Development), Dr. Carla Phillips Savage (Project Lead; Aquatic Animal Health and One Health practitioner and educator); Dr. Karla Georges (Director, UWI-SVM); Ms. Janneil Merritt (ENHSAS Project Assistant); Back Row: Mr. Paul Gabbadon (Aquaculture Production Specialist); Professor Chris Oura (Veterinary Virologist and One Health educator).

Photo Credit: Mr. Dexter Superville, Centre for Medical Sciences Education 



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