STACIE teams with PROMAN on Waste to Bioresource Collaboration

Biogas is a clean fuel that can be used as a replacement for natural gas, and also can been used to generate electricity. The intended purpose of the Waste to Bioresource collaboration between The UWI and PROMAN is to propose a platform for the production and integration of a biogas supply chain from available waste resources within Trinidad and Tobago. Headquartered in Switzerland, PROMAN is a multi-asset, multi-regional diversified energy producer with methanol and fertilizer production facilities in Trinidad and Tobago as well as other countries. The company also is positioned as one of the global leaders in natural gas derived products and services. (

STACIE secured funding from PROMAN, and facilitated discussions with PROMAN to ensure that the research proposal met the needs of The UWI research agenda, as well as PROMAN’s strategic intent as a global energy business. STACIE, together with the technical team generated the proposal and pursued it to fruition, providing overall contractual guidance and project management support. Sustainable and clean energy is key for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring energy security. This project which ran from January to June 2021, evaluated the biological methane potential for local waste streams and the associated biogas integration into the downstream natural gas supply.

Adopting multiple energy streams enhances energy security and promotes energy sustainability. The project addressed and supported:

  • The promotion of low-carbon production at PROMAN petrochemical facilities
  • Sustainable energy resources
  • A reduction in waste
  • A reduction in environmental burden associated with landfilling and wastewater run-off.
  • The utilization of Sargassum biomass which has negatively impacted coastal communities
  • Tourism and fishing industries

Updated: June 2021

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