Stacie's major contribution to the Shell STEM Evaluation Design and Implementation Project

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is often under-represented and under-funded. The National STEM Programme is a local enrichment initiative aimed at addressing the declining participation in sciences at the secondary school level, underrepresentation in the sciences among secondary school students, and limited exposure to critical thinking, problem solving and innovative skills. Since SHELL intends to continue funding, a primary goal of the evaluation is learning and improvement in performance and delivery of the programme. STACIE acted as Consultant for the Shell STEM Evaluation Design and Implementation Project. The main objectives of the project were to:

  • Identify areas for improvement in the programme’s focus and implementation
  • Understand how the larger system or environment is responding to the programme
  • Provide high-level recommendations on programme structure to meet Shell’s local development goal

STACIE secured over $380 000.00 TTD from SHELL for the project, and was responsible for:

  • Interpreting the Terms of Reference and identifying the strongest Technical Team Lead(s) as well as supporting team members
  • Providing proposal writing guidance which required content input and technical contributions
  • Contracting internal members and managing the contract between The UWI and Shell
  • Project Management support

Over time, the impact of the project is expected to achieve:

  • Improved teaching and learning in STEM areas
  • Improved awareness and literacy
  • Increased career choices in STEM
  • Increased public engagement
  • Enhanced STEM workforce with greater diversity


Updated: June 2021

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