The UWI Intellectual Property Help Desk

Do you have questions about obtaining trademarks?

Want to know if your research idea is original?

Or whether Intellectual Property Rights protection is available for your designs?

Just email for an online appointment with an expert from the Intellectual Property Office, Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs. 

You will benefit from a one-on-one, confidential session that is meant to provide UWI staff and students with information, advice and training in intellectual property matters.

The virtual IP Help Desk can provide UWI researchers with the know-how to address intellectual property issues in their various projects so that their research outputs can be protected by intellectual property rights.

Online training to larger groups may also be provided, depending on needs.

Whether you are starting a research project and want to know whether your work has been done before, or want to learn more about protecting your research, the UWI virtual IP Help Desk is there to guide you.

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