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The Caribbean Review of Gender Studies stimulates cross-cultural exchanges among Caribbean peoples within the region, those in the Caribbean Diaspora, as well as those who bring a comparative perspective to bear on Caribbean gender and feminist concerns. The journal is established around an identity and voice emanating from Caribbean realities of power in gender, sexualities, ethnicity and class relations, and their effects. The journal welcomes critical disciplinary or multi-disciplinary scholarly articles and creative contributions that broaden networks and enhance the global understanding and reach of Caribbean feminist theory and praxis.

ISSUE 14 December 2020

Kuírlombo Epistemologies CRGS Special Issue Genders and Sexualities in Brazil

Editors: Tanya L. Saunders, Mariana Meriqui Rodrigues, Jessica Ipólito, Simone Brandão Souza, Jess Oliveira and Bruna Barros