FST Annual Prizes & Awards Ceremony 2020/2021

IIR Postgraduate Courses-Semester II 2021-2022

Academic Advising Schedule - Sem II 2021-2022

DMS Online Short Courses 2022

Online Workshop on Materials for Energy

Dean's Honour Roll 2021-2022

Routing of FST Student Requests

DMS Short Courses 2022




ELPT 2021

Dean's Honour Roll 2020/2021

UWI Career Development Expo 2021

Final Year Declaration 2021/2022

Apply to the Pre-Science Programme - Deadline Extended

Rescheduling of Academic Advising Session

Postgraduate Students Academic Advising 2021

Academic Advising & Orientation 2021

Extended Deadline: Undergraduate Scholarships and Bursaries 2021/2022

Undergraduate Virtual Desk

Pre-Science (N1) Virtual Desk

Pre-Science (N1) Summer Offerings 2021

Summer Programme Offerings 2021

Chemistry Olympiad winners receive prizes

The Goolsam & Habib Mohammed

Annual Prizes and Awards Ceremony 2019/2020

Guest Lecture on Renewable Energy

Undergraduate Scholarships and Bursaries 2021/2022

Invitation to register for STAT 3012 & ACTS 3013

Virtual Math Fair

Academic Advising Schedule

World Science Day 2020

Dean's Honour Roll



Semester II Academic Advising Schedule

Annual Prizes and Awards Ceremony

FST Postgraduate Short Courses

Why the Escazú Agreement matters

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

International Women's Day

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Mr Arneaud’s Oral Examination

2020 DCIT Database Concepts Bootcamp

Undergraduate Summer Programme Course Offerings 2019/2020

Pre-Science (N1) Summer School Course Offerings 2019/2020

New Undergraduate Students

Academic Advising Schedule

Return of Library Materials

Final Year Declaration

UWI Virtual Exchange Programme

Dean's Honour Roll

World Science Day 2020

Academic Advising Schedule



Early Academic Advising Schedule

Launch of Astronomy Series IETV - Exploring Our Place in the Universe

Undergraduate Registration 2019

Name the Exoplanet

UWI Math Fair

Calls for Applications to the 2020 NIHERST/NASA International Internship

Panel Discussion on Climate Change & SIDs





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