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Archive Events 2019-2020

Semester I - 25 August to 29 November 2019

25 September 2019 - Lunchtime Seminar by Sebastian M. Garbe " Indigenous Solidarity: Transnational Advocacy and Community Building of Mapuche Women “

26 September 2019 - Lunchtime Seminar by Professor Adam Hosein "What does a feminist approach to immigration look like? "

2 October 2019 -  Lunchtime Seminar by Andrea Silva- Tapia "Muslim women in sports as a space of resistance: A Decolonial feminist analysis from Germany"

2 October 2019 - Graduate workshop with Sebastian M. Garbe and Andrea Silva- Tapia "Decolonizing the Social Sciences". Presentations "Decolonial Feminism and Global Inequalities"
Andrea Silva-Tapia" and  "Epistemologies of the South and the Decolonization of Social Sciences" Sebastian M. Garbe

4 & 5 November 2019 - Workshop on VAWG with 2 Cents Movement

16 November 2019 - Break the Silence Meeting and presentation by Roberta Clarke, President, CADV "Sexual Offenders Registry: Impact on Children"

Semester II - 19 January to 17 April 2020

8 March 2020 - International Women's Day Rally and March 


13 March 2020 - Country starts lockdown

18 May 2020 - Tivia Collins Graduate Research Semiinar "Guyanese Migrant Women and the Politics of Belonging in Trinidad and Tobago: An Overview of Findings"

Semester III - 24 May to 3 July

4 June 2020 - PG Session - Updates and Q&A. Closed. For registered students only 

9 June 2020 - PG Session - Wellness and Mental Health with Dr Katija Khan. Closed. For registered students only 

22 June 2020 - Debate on the Domestic Violence Amendment Bill Alliance for Stae Action to End Gender-Based Violence

21 July 2020 - Virtual Open Day 





Highlights 2019-2020

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Child Sexual Abuse and the Complexities of Gender, Power and Sexuality. Break the Silence: End Child Sexual Abuse publication, 29 April 2020
Journal of Interpersonal Violence


Sexual Harassment and Consent
Fact Sheets. Issue 1. February 2020


International Women's Day T&T
Newsletter IGDS and Partners Rally, 7 March 2020

BTS Network Meeting 18Nov2019.001_0.png

Break the Silence: End CSA presentations
Sexual Offenders Registry: Impact on Children
November 2019

CRGS_13_cover_Liberated_DThomson-George copy_0.png

Caribbean Review of Gender Studies
African-Caribbean Women: Migration, Diaspora, Post-diaspora
Issue 13, Published June 2019
Editors: Leith Dunn and Suzanne Scafe


Panel/Public Presentations

Monday 1 June 2020
Caribbean Solidarity Network
Caribbean Feminist Reflections: Liberation in a Time of Covid. 
Dr Gabrielle Hosein, Pannelist

11 June 2020 
MenEngage Alliance
“Young Masculinities and Covid-19: An online dialogue”
Third in the series ‘Patriarchy, masculinities and COVID-19’, focused on the impact of COVID-19 on young people
Ms Tivia Collins, Moderator

23 June 2020  |  2:00 pm EST
Caribbean Studies Association
National Caribbean American Heritage Month Webinar Series
“Caribbean-American Connections, Social Justice and Shared Dreams”
Caribbean contributions to race, gender sexuality and social justice in the USA and the Caribbean Webinar
Dr. Angelique Nixon, Panelist

13 August 2020
TTT Live Online
Gender-based/intimate partner violence and weaponising race
Dr Angelique Nixon, Interviewed

14 August 2020
"Cat calling, compliments, and attitudes toward violence"
Kelsie Joseph, Igniter and co-founder of @catcallsofuwi

IGDS Regional Events 

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26 June - Ageing in a New Era: Balancing Life, Work & Responsibility Virtual Discussion Forum and Book Launch 


8 July - IGDS Regional Webinar  10:00 JA time 11:00 ECT. "Shouts and Whispers: Untold Stories from the Caribbean during COVID19"



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