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Outreach plays an important role in fulfilling the Institute’s mandate. In this regard, the IGDS St. Augustine Unit extends its influence to the wider Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and internationally through a number of services and activities. These include our lunchtime seminars, as well as outreach through short courses and workshops, public seminars, consultancy services and serving on advisory committees of a number of organisations. In addition, the Institute’s staff and graduate students serve as guest speakers for a number of NGOs, international organisations and corporate events. Our outreach also includes the commemoration of designated International Days through cultural events, public lectures and displays.
The Institute’s outreach programme plays a vital role in ensuring the Institute’s continued presence and commitment to the women’s movement as well as to contributing to the development of public policy in the wider society. The Institute has sustained a prominent presence and continued involvement with civil society and it is out of this engagement that the impetus to establish academic scholarship was born. Through this outreach function, the Institute maintains linkages with the women’s movement, the emerging men’s movement and the wider society acts as a key source of information locally, regionally and internationally on Caribbean gender issues.


Reach for Rights 

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IGDS Reach for Rights Camp is a feminist movement building and mentorship camp that establishes a method of outreach to secondary school CAPE graduates who are preparing for university and looking for skills training and other ventures. The camp is held on The UWI Campus and in collaboration with other faculties and departments, giving the participants an opportunity to experience the tertiary education environment.


Short courses & workshops

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The IGDS encourages the general public and students from all areas of study to interact and dialogue in informal and engaging short courses. These occur annually during the third semester of the academic year, during the months of May, June or July. 

Some recent courses include:

  • Women, Men, Gender and Law
  • Human Resources Management and Gender Equity in the Workplace
  • The Philosophy of "Judith Butler"
  • Gender, Feminism and Religion: Contemporary Questions
  • Key Issue on Gender and Transformation in the Caribbean
    (PG Virtual Short Courses Semester III May 2021) 







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The Institute on request carries out specialist research studies for local, regional and international agencies.

Some recent areas of research include: 

  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Gender-Based Violence
  • Masculinities



Partnerships & Collaborations

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Lunchtime & Guest Seminars

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The Institute organises and hosts a series of lunchtime seminars for The University’s staff, students and interested members of the public. Through this forum, members of staff, graduate students and visiting lecturers associated with or visiting the Institute, are provided with the opportunity to share work in progress, present their views, exchange ideas and meet a cross-section of interested individuals. Some of these can be found on the IGDS You Tube Channel and Lunchtime Seminars playlist. Since 2019 we have streamed our seminars live on facebook.


Advocacy & Annual Awareness 

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Public Fora & Panel Discussions

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Conferences & Symposia

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Visiting Scholar | Seminars

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Visiting Student | Seminars

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