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Four easy steps to a Minor in Gender Studies or a Minor in Gender and Development Studies

Steps to a Minor 
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Undergraduate Studies

In its interdisciplinary teaching programme, the Institute offers undergraduate courses through various departments and faculties on the St. Augustine Campus.

It offers a Minor in Gender Studies in the Faculty of Humanities and Education and a Minor in Gender and Development in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Each of these programmes is available to students of the relevant faculties and in most instances, to students of other faculties or departments as well.

Students are encouraged to take the courses offered as electives. 


Individual undergraduate and graduate courses are open to any student, in any faculty, across Campus.

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      Minor in Gender Studies 
                  Read in the Faculty of
                  Humanities and Education (FHE)

      Minor in Gender and Development Studies
                  Read in the Faculty of
                  Social Sciences (FSS)



IGDS offers undergraduate and graduate summer courses. Not all undergraduate courses are offered each year. Look out for and advertising on the UWI online portals or contact us for information. Graduate summer courses are offered every other year.


Academic Advising

Undergraduate Courses and Minors




"When I took IGDS courses at UWI, my experience was enhanced. Coming from a society where many misconceptions exist, being able to get to the heart of common social issues and gain better knowledge was enlightening."
BSc student
Criminology and Criminal Justice

Undergraduate Semester 1 Courses 

  1. GEND 1103 | AR11C Introduction to Women’s Studies: Theoretical Concepts and Sources of Knowledge
    Level I, 3 Credits
  2. GEND 2203 | AR22C Feminist Theoretical Frameworks
    Level II, 3 Credits
  3. GEND 3501 Philosophy of Gender
    Undergraduate Level: Level III, 3 Credits
  4. GEND 2109 Social Media and Gender
    Level II / III — 3 Credits
  5. SOCI 3039 | GEND 3039 Gender and Development with Reference to Caribbean Society
    Level III, 3 Credits
  6. AGEX 3003 | GEND 3004 | AX39A  Gender Issues in Agriculture
    Level III, 3 Credits

"Another distinguishing element of the IGDS is the wide range of chances for obtaining experience outside of the classroom. Only a few academic institutions that I'm aware of encourage students to engage in activism and apply what they've learned in class to the real world.”
MPhil Candidate
Interdisciplinary Gender Studies

Postgraduate Semester 1 Courses

These courses are open to all postgraduate students across the Campus. We welcome all students, pursuing any progamme in any faculty or department. Students should register for the course code that corresponds with their level and degree programme.

  1. GEND 5001 (DIPLOMA)  |  GEND 6002 (MSc)  |  GEND 7001 (MPhil)  |  GEND 8001 (PhD)  Philosophy of Gender 4 Credits
  2. GEND 6106 (Diploma/MSc)  |  GEND 7106 (MPhil)  |  GEND8106 (PhD)  Research Design and Methods 4 credits








"Gender studies not only taught me how gender impacts every single aspect of our lives but it gave me the necessary tools that I need, to critique and understand oppressive power relations as well as to examine social injustices and work towards creating effective change within society."


"As a migrant, I came in here and I was welcomed off the bat. I was included in projects. I was asked for my different interest levels. They worked around that to really ensure that I had a holistic experience. What the Institute does is, it caters to your needs, as a student."






"During my time at UWI, I learned new skills, learned valuable life lessons, and made new friends. Through the IGDS, my commitment to gender equality was reaffirmed, and my activism abilities were honed. As an IGDS postgrad student, I've been given opportunities. It's an honor to be able to carry on a rich tradition of Caribbean feminist scholarship and action."  

"When I took IGDS courses at UWI, my experience was enhanced. Coming from a society where many misconceptions are frequent, being able to get to the heart of common societal issues and gain a better knowledge was enlightening. "Don't be afraid to fight for what you believe in, even if it means doing it alone.” BSc Criminology and Criminal Justice, Class of 2020 








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