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Institute for Gender and Development Studies

The IGDS St. Augustine Unit has a small documentation centre housing an assortment of books, reports, newsletters and newspaper clippings on topics related to the work of the Institute. There is also a small collection of films and documentaries for teaching purposes in DVDs and disc formats. Individuals may browse materials from the Documentation Centre and request photocopies. Please check back from time to time as the database is continually updated.

The Documentation Centre also holds a collection of interview tapes and audio recordings of seminars, symposia and conferences. This material has now been digitized with the assistance of the Digitizing Department at The Alma Jordan Library and is available on request, and soon to be uploaded to the UWISpace digital archive. 

The Documentation Centre sorts and archives material that is collected or donated.

It is also the first sorting point for documents and records relating to the activites and life works of persons, families, associations, community groups or NGOs that are destined for the Making of Feminisms in the Caribbean (MFC) or Making of Caribbean Feminisms [sic]. This material is sorted, before being handed over to The Alma Jordan Library to be fumigated, scanned for archival and research purposes and archived. Original hard copies are housed as part of the MFC at the West Indiana and Special Colections, of The Alma Jordan Library. 



Material stored at the Centre

You may download the PDFs at right and search the collections.

INSTRUCTIONS: In Adobe Acrobat, please use the “Find” function to search the PDF. Depending on what version of Acrobat you have, you may need to go to the "Edit" menu in the top left corner of your screen, scroll down, and click on the "find" function. Type your search word in the space provided. Click on your arrows to browse through the search results. If you are not getting results, please simplify your search using one word (such as a surname).


for students and visitors

All resources from the Reading Room and Documentation Centre are for reading or photocopy at IGDS only. IGDS does not loan any material from the Reading Room or Documentation Centre. The library can be searched on the computer in the library. Instructions will be made available during your visit.

For information about resources in the IGDS Reading Room and to request items please email Ms. Tenesha Charles. Make sure to indicate your research topic. 

Ms. Tenesha Charles, Clerical Assistant II, Front Desk
Tel: 868-662-2002 ext. 83577





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