Institute for Gender and Development Studies

Welcome to IGNITE!

We are a youth led social justice undergradaute student group of the IGDS. 


Benefit from an empowering experience.

Feed your passion.

Learn. Share. Have fun!



What we do

We promote social change by building feminist consciousness and activism in and around UWI.

What to expect

As an Igniter, you are perched to play an active role in shaping how your peers view gender, engage with a cross section of issues and increase their awareness around matters of economic, social and gender justice.

Your participation allows you to expand your view of the world, while helping to create shifts through activism. 

What you will experience

IGNITE fosters hands on experience of activism and social change through active learning.

• Participate in team building actions, popular actions, community and school outreach

• Benefit from mentorship of existing activists, former IGNITE members and IGDS graduate students

• Build a network and develop your professional skills

• Access the expertise of staff and faculty at IGDS.

• Collaborate and build bridges with other clubs and groups across campus. 

• Diversify your university experience through active learning in and out of the classroom!

We would be excited to have you on board!


CatCalls of UWI

​This is an online platform and project of the IGDS Ignite that focuses on street harassment and Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

CatCalls-1.jpg  CatCalls-5.png


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