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Massive Online Open Course with FutureLearn

Explore transformative leadership strategies from a feminist perspective

Examine the achievements of exemplary women leaders

Learn to lead with a focus on social justice and ethical practice

Plan your visionary action as a transformational leader

October 2022 – The IGDS, The UWI, has launched its first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the FutureLearn platform, titled 'Powerful Women and the Principles of Feminist Transformational Leadership.'
This 3-week course is now open for enrollment. The course highlights prominent global women leaders and the ways in which they exemplified the values and employed principles of feminist transformational leadership. The course provides a framework and mapping exercise to guide participants in crafting their own feminist transformational vision and goals and planning their visionary action. The educators on this course are Dr Sue Ann Barratt, Dr Gabrielle Hosein, Dr Dalea Bean and Ms Raquel Sukhu.

Feminist transformational leadership (FTL) provides an opportunity to occupy a political stance while leading to serve both women and men as well as being cognizant of varied life experiences and multiple points of difference. Mainstream definitions of leaders and leadership typically promote a dichotomisation of styles by gender, characterising traditional models as masculine and associating them with men and masculine traits, or defining a “feminine” leadership style that often essentialises women, and by extension men. Women leaders are not necessarily feminist leaders, and with that caveat, we examine the ways in which selected powerful women leaders have employed principles of FTL and how it contributed to their success, and how they approached challenges. Participants will draw from the experiences and challenges of women leaders in politics and activism and evaluate the extent to which they can extract and employ similar strategies and learn from the mindsets and approaches of these women. Completion of this course will enhance participants’ leadership skills in a way that promotes social justice, and embraces diversity and inclusivity. Participants will be empowered and confident to apply principles learned to their own contexts and endeavours, whether within a formal organisation or in activism, whether already in a formal or informal leadership role or aspiring to lead.

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Powerful Women and the Principles of Feminist Transformational Leadership




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