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24 April 2020 - Addressing Gender-Based Violence is essential to COVID-19 response and recovery |  Press Release download | UWI web

15 April 2020 Statement on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemicOpal Palmer Adisa, University Director, IGDS, Mona Jamaica

9 April 2020  The Social and Gendered Realities of the COVID-19 Pandemic  PDF Download  |  Newsday 17 April | St. Lucia News Online |

25 March, 2020 The Negative Impact of COVID-19 on Women  Caribbean Women in Leadership (CIWiL)

24 March, 2020  T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence warns of increased gender-based violence during current coronavirus crisis  T&T Guardian | CNC3 | IWD T&T 

18 March onward - Covid-19 Gender Analysis Gabrielle Hosein |  List of Newsday columns



24 June 2020 Covid1- responses
Dr Gabrielle Hosein and Dr Angelique Nixon
The UWI Channel

4 May, 2020  Why are female leaders thriving amidst COVID-19  Hema Ramkissoon, Morning Brew spoke to Dr Gabrielle Hosein  CNC3


Media Commentary

22 May 2020  Women on the frontline doing double and triple timeBobie-Lee Dixon  T&T Guardian  

27 April, 2020  Caribbean Vulnerability and Survival in Times of COVID-19  Angelique V. Nixon |  Stabroek News

16 April 2020  COVID-19 exacerbates inequalities in Trinidad & Tobago's education systemJanine Mendes-Franco, Global Voices

16 April 2020  UWI gender studies head knocks covid19 recovery team composition  Newsday

16 April 2020  Hosein critical of Road Plan committee’s gender composition Chester Sambrano, T&T Guardian

0 April 2020  Stay-at-home orders accompanied by rise in domestic violence in Trinidad & Tobago, Janine Mendes-Franco, Global Voices

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